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Transmission Removed! Dodson Clutches Incoming @ Cicio Performance

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    Originally posted by Neil H View Post
    Hey Cicio, great pics & thanks for the R&D!
    I know you can't share many details yet but it looks like the diameter of the clutches are at max already as the outer drum is very close to the case, so larger diameter probably isn't an option.
    I assume the depth is also maximized, stock-wise, so no more room for more of the same thickness clutch plates.
    Upping the apply pressure might be an option, as long as the stock pump, seals & gaskets can take it.

    So clutch-wise, if you were to add clutch plates, they would be thinner & not be able to handle as much slip and heat as they would warp easier/quicker, but the higher clutch apply oil pressure may help there.
    There might also be different clutch plate material upgrades - both fibers and steels.

    I also assume the quicker, stronger clutch apply would increase shock forces throughout the entire geartrain, so which other components need upgrading?

    I appreciate any more info you can give, but I understand that you/Dodson don't want to show all you cards.

    And use your great pics when someone dares to call this an automatic transmission -- the gear train is all beefy manual transmission!
    It just happens to be shifted automatically -- best of both worlds.

    Good observations brother,

    We for sure won't go any larger in diameter in the factory basket by much whatsoever. The depth of the factory baskets will allow for a little something something however and when that is maxed out we will be building billet baskets to allow for more frictions.

    If the plates and frictions are setup correctly you can go a bit thinner without risking warping BUT you have to set them up correctly which seems much easier than it really is.

    It's crazy how much more just one friction will hold in power, we learned that on the Porsche and McLaren clutches for sure as well as the GT-R.

    Again great comments! Hope to be able to share more info with you soon.

    ~N. Cicio


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      Hey guys! Awesome information and if anyone turbocharges this beast they will probably need to beef up those clutches. With that being said, where is this Tremec transmission made? Is it made in Mexico or the U.S.? I have seen claims of both.


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        Thanks for the reply Cicio -- great info.
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          =OldYellow;n154962]Hey guys! where is this Tremec transmission made? Is it made in Mexico or the U.S.? I have seen claims of both.[/QUOTE]

          Hey OldYellow, the trans is made in the US, somehow the first set of cars made (mine included) the Monroni sticker says the trans was made in Mexico, this was a mistake. Tremec assembles the TR 9080 at a $50-million, 125,000 ft factory in Wixom, Michigan.

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