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Corvette Today Interviews Harlan Charles Re The C8 & More: ON NOW

What a wonderful Corvette Today podcast!!! Steve Garrett sits down with Corvette Product Manager, Harlan Charles on this episode of CORVETTE TODAY. Harlan talks about his early years with Chevrolet and how he became Product Manager for Corvette. He also discusses the cohesive work done by the entire Corvette team-from C5 through C8.  You'll learn about the evolution of the new mid-engine C8 Corvette and the steps taken to bring it to market. Plus, Harlan delves into the launch of the C8, the development of the strategy behind the mid-engine car.
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Ceramic coating

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  • Ceramic coating

    I have heard only great things about the ceramic shine jobs. I researched and find that 1850.00 is avg. price for RGO 4 yr. Includes paint prepping and all 4 wheels. For the ultimate, long lasting gloss, I will seriously consider the treatment for my version of our GM flagship.
    It will be my first experience with Ceramic Coating.

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    For those whose budget does not allow hiring a pro to do a nano-ceramic coating, one can do it oneself. I taught myself after watching tons of YT videos and each job on our new DD’s, and each came out beautifully.

    At the same time, I am going to have a pro do mine C8. BTW in over 4 1/2 years, and 28 states with our C7, with it being ceramic coated in its second month, it looked just as glossy when we traded it in as it did when it left the ceramic shop. It was never waxed in those 4 1/2 years.
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      I had my first car ceramic coated back in 2017 and it is amazing how shiny it ALWAYS looks. It is a dark gray F Pace and I detail it meticulously. However, I do not have the guts to try and ceramic coating myself. I am worried since mistakes can be very difficult to fix. Maybe I can practice on my wife's car!


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        Aside from how shiny the car looks with a ceramic coating, I like how much easier it is to clean. Dirt doesn't stick to the coating with the same tenacity it sticks to paint.
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          Originally posted by meyerweb View Post
          Aside from how shiny the car looks with a ceramic coating, I like how much easier it is to clean. Dirt doesn't stick to the coating with the same tenacity it sticks to paint.
          Absolutely true. That is one reason the car remains so shiny for weeks at a time. In my case, I had the PPF applied to the front end and, hood, side mirrors, and rockers....before the ceramic coating. I was a little leery of having the coating applied, because of the fact that any scratches or swirls could not be corrected by my normal detailing. However, in 2.5 years, I have not had any noticeable issues.


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            Either XPEL or ceramic or both are on my list whenever I get one.


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              I had Xpel ultimate applied to my 2016 Z06 and followed up with CQuartz Pro. Both professionally applied right after purchase. It is so easy to keep clean. I paid quite a lot for the PPF and coating. Now, I have found that many of the new ceramic coating products are very easy to use. I am particularly fond of Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Surface Coating. It's almost impossible to mess up. It may not last as long as others, but using care and applying an occasional coating booster and SiO2 car wash can extend the life considerably.

              Definitely going with the PPF/ceramic on my new C8.
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                A friend had his PORSCHE wrapped. The car is black. It was $3500 with a 7 year warranty. NC tends to be higher for lots of stuff. I've seen a couple of you tube videos about ceramic applications. It looks like it's just put on like a liquid wax but not that consistency. I want to get just one thing done that will last so I won't have to do it for awhile.


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                  I had this professionally done on my C7 in 2015 and still looks awesome after 5 years , I'm positive it will be done when I do get my new blue car
                  A thought if I might ...


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                    Has anyone had this done at MacMulkin? Just want verification on their detailer work.
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                      I'm still in my initial investigation phase but so far it seems that a proper PREP and a CLEAN place to apply a coating are the keys.

                      If a guy can do a paint correction, then have a CLEAN, dust free area to apply....I think it's doable. You apply to small sections with the coating, then wipe it down with microfiber cloth. Inspect with a good light and move on to the next section.


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                        I had RedHot done shortly after bringing her home from NCM (October 2013). I choose to have C Quartz Finest put on by one of their certified detail studios. As noted, the prep is critical to the success, as much as if not more, than the application process. RedHot looks showroom brilliant to this day (with a few very small rock chips earned while enthusiastically enjoying her over the years). The C Quartz Finest makes it much easier to keep looking great, including the wheels, with infrequent washing and frequent dusting in between. She has never be waxed since the treatment.

                        I still frequently get asked if she is brand new (from non-Corvette car enthusiasts) at car shows, like the one I attended this past weekend.
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                          I wish there was someone local r close who was good at it. Charlie aka cutnout


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                            So what is the best product/products to use/wrap the car with?? I know it’s probably personal opinion, but I’d like to hear some of your thoughts. We live in Naples,FL so if anyone has suggestions of who to take it to for a professional job, please let me know. I’d drive up to Ft. Myers also to have it done.


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                              So is the consensus to get a high quality, self sealing wrap for the nose, most of the hood and mirrors, and then get a ceramic coating for the Whole vehicle? Even over the wrap?
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