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DIY: Changing engine air filter on the C8

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    Originally posted by C8 Mid Engine View Post
    Hey UCF fan, as regards to the video, the process itself for changing the filter is exactly the same whether it's just another 'stock' air filter or the one I mentioned in the Video. If you do a search for 'Attack Blue Filter' from the video, it will pull up their website with all the stats. I didn't get any money from them to do my video or am I a part of their business in any fashion. Generally speaking I always end up throwing a few little modifications here and there on my car but I never do anything major. The air filter, or a cold air intake is something I've always done and never had any issues with any of my cars. Hopefully in the end this will be the same.
    C8MidEngine...Look I think you vid was excellent shows everyone how to get into and change the filter... My point in my “few words” on a highly technical issue is do the research on the filter before you jump to some low pressure design with LESS media and think your power plant is going to like it over the long haul. They quote ASHRAE 52.2.... I’ve been a member of ASHRAE for 40 years... If and I mean IF they tested via Standard 52.2 were talking Apples 🍎 and Coconuts.... So all I am saying is do the research, demand the data, compare the two products side by side. In no way am I trying to disc you... I’m just saying in my case... where I’m going to have wait 24 months to get my hands on my C8 I’m not going to give up OEM on air filtration at the cost of less air filtration to my Crown Jewell... 😎
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