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Learn Everything About Corvette Racing From THE Product Manager, Doug Fehan!_If you are a Corvette fan, you have to be interested in Corvette Racing! Steve Garrett learns just about everything there is to know about Corvette Racing for THE man who heads up Corvette Racing....Doug Fehan. Doug traces the origins of the race program from its beginnings all the way up to present day.  Fehan talks about the new mid-engine C8.R race car and its differences from the C7.R.  Doug outlines the races Corvette Racing participates in during a typical year and why they did not go to Le Mans this year.  Learn about the passionate race fans and the driver's relationship with them. Doug's energy, enthusiasm and passion come out bold and proud in this fantastic episode of CORVETTE TODAY!
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DIY: Install a C8 radar detector using your rear view mirror for power

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    Here is one with both pins, the original listing is now gone. I used the small pins for my C8 & they fit perfect.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Greenshot 2020-08-22 13.59.20.png Views:	0 Size:	240.2 KB ID:	182491
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      Cool! THX. Now just need my car (TPW 9/7) and a Blendmount! Suction cup will have to do until they offer the new model.


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        Originally posted by Insane C8 View Post
        Does anyone know the updated part name/number for this on Amazon? The one listed at the beginning of the thread is no longer listed. Wanted to make sure I order the right one (size). I'll be connecting a Uniden R3. Thanks to anyone who can help!
        It seems to be back in stock:
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          Thanks meyerweb. I already ordered the one in post #46. Hoping one of the ends is small enough to fit.


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            Just to keep everyone informed.....I just called Blendmount to check on the progress of the C8 attachment. It sounds like it will not likely be ready for at least a few more months. They said they are hoping to have it ready for sale before the end of the year. Well, us C8 customers are used to waiting anyways...


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              Love the mirror tap, have utilized it in all my Vettes, glad it’s possible on the C8 as well.
              I was able to install a generic Blendmount on the mirror of my C8.
              It’s a stop gap until the one actually designed for the car is made as the install interferes with the ability to change the mirror from the camera mirror to regular mirror so I just have it on the camera mirror setting.
              I’m pretty happy with the result.
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                That looks nice a clean. I think I'll just use my Uniden suction cup until the Blendmount is made. I doubt I'll ever use anything but the rear view camera so your solution looks great.