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    Originally posted by Ragtop 99 View Post
    ^^^ Car was done by 10 this morning, but I didn't have time to pick it up today, but will it get it tomorrow evening. Doesn't sound like it took too long to resolve. They also did the info screen cold weather update and put the new front lift cap on it. I'll post up the codes and solution if it is on the receipt.
    I had the exact same thing at around 700 miles. Although, a warning... for me, the dct flush didn't work, and they replaced the main valve body. however, they reused the gasket and it started leaking. that took 3 weeks to get. since then however, it's been great, and I just had the oil/dct filter change done before a 1400 mile road trip (which used up about 18% oil life btw, very much in line with the 7500 mile interval for oil change) and the car drove fantastically. I did ask them to fill the DCT fluid with the 2 extra quarts for tracking, because I eventually plan on getting on the track. To me, it shifts smoother. YMMV.
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      meyerweb I never got notice of that update. It popped up when she read the VIN

      Thom The service order lists codes P1955 and P0868. Tech used bulletin #21-NA-033. Performed cleaning procedure three times then performed service fast learn procedure. Test drove 10 miles.

      There were more codes when first read, but the SA said a couple codes were derivatives, rather than separate problems.
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