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Corvette Today’s News That “Corvette Fever” Returns

Corvette Fever magazine has not been published for a while. But Alan Colvin, a walking encyclopedia of GM cars as well as Corvette, has purchased the rights to Corvette Fever and has revived this publication! Your CORVETTE TODAY host, Steve Garrett, visits with Alan to talk about the books he's written on Corvette and other GM products, his history with the old Corvette Fever magazine and how he plans to revive the publication. Plus, listen to this podcast and register to win one of 3-two year subscriptions to Corvette Fever that we're giving away exclusively on this episode! Listen to this CORVETTE TODAY podcast and win a subscription to Corvette Fever magazine!!!
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SGTMAJ USMC AUTO & TOY HAULER Joins MECF As A Featured Forum Vendor.

Welcome to SGTMAJ USMC USMC AUTO & TOY HAULER! We are so happy to have you now join us as a MECF Featured Forum Vendor. We can not wait to help your new business grow. We know you will provide a great transport service to our members and others!
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Z06 Potential Patents

As we get ready for the Z06’s debut sometime in the next year, IMO time to brush up on the 23 GM C8 patents — many of which are Z06 potentials: https://www.midenginecorvetteforum.c...alized-patents
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Our 2020 C8 5K Data

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  • Our 2020 C8 5K Data

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Name:	C8 5 K data.jpg
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    As on our C7's, Trip 2 has never been re-set on our 2020 C8.
    Here is a screen shot showing Average Speed and MPG for the first 5000 miles.

    A breakdown of miles covered.
    3600 highway miles on one round trip driving at approx 10% over the speed limit.
    Approx. 1000 highway miles driving at approx. 10% under the speed limit. ( I just enjoy driving the car, no sense diminishing the experience if you don't have to).
    Balance of miles were "around town" driving.
    No spirited driving.
    No 0-60 runs.
    Cape Cod Taxachusetts

    3LT GDO/AYM Coupe. Z51, Mag Shocks, Yellow Calipers. Black Interior, Black Suede Seats, Yellow Stitching. Yellow Seat Belts.
    Illuminated Sills. Front and Rear Splash Guards. Chrome Wheel Locks,
    Home 08/10/20

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    Thanks much for the data. These rocket ships to under 60 MPH do an amazing job of fuel economy!

    We remember Jeremy Welborn getting around 35 MPH for one of his 800 mile trips. We are averaging about 20 MPG. Our first road trip top SM is next month so it will be interesting to see what it return. But like all, that is interesting data as opposed to a driving focus. At the same time I have heard Tadge say twice that when he first meets someone at an event, the newcomers will most often tell him something like, “On my drive here we got xx MPG” (their being amazed at how fuel efficient their Corvette was).
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      Originally posted by USCANAM View Post
      As on our C7's, Trip 2 has never been re-set on our 2020 C8.
      Here is a screen shot showing Average Speed and MPG for the first 5000 miles.
      I do that too, leave “Trip 2” to show lifetime of the vehicle data. Unfortunately, I failed to tell my wife that and she reset it on the truck getting a distance measurement I had asked for. Oh well, she knows now, lol. We use “Trip 1” to track each tank of gas, reset it at every fill-up.
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        26 mpg? You need to drive it HARDER!

        But when you think back to the late 70s / early 80s, and a Corvette might have 200 HP and get all of 12 - 15 mpg, today's cars are truly amazing. 500 HP and 26 mpg, all the while meeting far stricter emissions regulations than we had back then.....
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          I've gotten 31.1 MPG on short (2 hr.) highway trips. Going somewhere later this month that should give me a good look at longer highway trips. 35 MPG is amazing. Hope we can do that good.


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            I too have not reset my Trip 2 to track data for the life of the vehicle. What cracks me up is my Fuel Economy says 15.9mpg about 1100 miles in. LOL...


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              Originally posted by USCANAM View Post
              Click image for larger version  Name:	C8 5 K data.jpg Views:	144 Size:	1.77 MB ID:	258881

              No spirited driving.
              No 0-60 runs.
              I like that the car gets good mileage when I'm driving normally in traffic or residential areas. However, except for a quick hop to the store when the oil doesn't warm up sufficiently, I consider it a fail if the tach did not touch 6,000 rpm during the drive.

              Must be a yellow car thing. In a red mist car, the paddle shifters call out to the driver "down shift me, be-itch!"

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