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Corvette Today’s News That “Corvette Fever” Returns

Corvette Fever magazine has not been published for a while. But Alan Colvin, a walking encyclopedia of GM cars as well as Corvette, has purchased the rights to Corvette Fever and has revived this publication! Your CORVETTE TODAY host, Steve Garrett, visits with Alan to talk about the books he's written on Corvette and other GM products, his history with the old Corvette Fever magazine and how he plans to revive the publication. Plus, listen to this podcast and register to win one of 3-two year subscriptions to Corvette Fever that we're giving away exclusively on this episode! Listen to this CORVETTE TODAY podcast and win a subscription to Corvette Fever magazine!!!
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SGTMAJ USMC AUTO & TOY HAULER Joins MECF As A Featured Forum Vendor.

Welcome to SGTMAJ USMC USMC AUTO & TOY HAULER! We are so happy to have you now join us as a MECF Featured Forum Vendor. We can not wait to help your new business grow. We know you will provide a great transport service to our members and others!
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Z06 Potential Patents

As we get ready for the Z06’s debut sometime in the next year, IMO time to brush up on the 23 GM C8 patents — many of which are Z06 potentials: https://www.midenginecorvetteforum.c...alized-patents
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2 Months In... Here's My Story

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  • 2 Months In... Here's My Story

    First, I want to say Thank You again to all the wonderful folks who started and maintain this forum! Pretty much all my C8 knowledge has come from here. Also wanted to thank everyone who shares their new C8 experience. When I was waiting to get mine, it helped out a lot reading different perspectives and opinions from new C8 owners. I wanted to give back so here's my story. Tomorrow will be exactly 2 months since I took delivery and today my order was finally made whole as I got the Black Trident wheels installed.

    Let's start with the specs:
    • 2021 2LT Coupe in Rapid Blue
    • Jet Black Interior
    • Z51 Package
    • Z51 Mag Ride
    • Carbon Fiber Roof Panel
    • Black Trident Wheels
    • Black Jake Logo Center Caps
    • Edge Red Brake Calipers
    • Carbon Flash Mirrors/Z51 Wing
    • Edge Red Engine Cover
    • Engine Appearance Package
    • Carbon Fiber Interior Trim
    • Competition Sport Bucket Seats
    • Torch Red Seatbelts
    • Front Lift
    In the last 6 years I've mainly driven BMW ///M cars in particular the last generation F8x M2, M3, M4 so a lot of my comparisons are based off of them. Prior to those amazing vehicles my passion for performance cars really started in the early 2000s with the Type R and S2000 from Honda and then was able to enjoy the AWD turbo sensation of the STI and Evo. The C8 is my first Chevy, my first Corvette, my first V8, my first mid-engine, my first targa top car, and the first car I've ever ordered to my spec. So after 2 months and almost 1100 miles, here's my honest thoughts of the C8 Corvette.

    I do admit that I thought I owned some pretty cool cars in my past, but none of gotten so much attention than my C8. It is true what everyone says here. Your C8 will get attention and random strangers just start talking to you about the car everywhere. Gas stations, at traffic lights, grocery store parking lots, etc. I do admit, I was secretly hoping to get some attention from the ladies, but thus far the C8 has been a magnet for the fellas. The wow factor is really from me as well. Again, I felt like I really enjoyed the way each of my previous cars have looked, but the C8 is special. I look for reasons to go down to the garage just so I can stare at it and shake my head in disbelief that this C8 is sitting in my garage.

    The C8 is the fastest car I've owned. To be fair, I haven't really had a chance to floor it if you will. Since working from home, my opportunities to drive are even less now but even so, on the streets, there really isn't very many places to push these cars close to the limit safely. My thoughts on the C8 power will be based on how I drove my ///M cars on the street as well. In other words, my driving habits haven't changed and thus at least in my mind, this is a fair comparison. Perhaps I've gotten too used to turbo power but I feel like if I'm applying normal throttle from traffic light to traffic light, the C8 doesn't feel very fast to me versus the ///M cars. In other words, I feel like I need to apply much more throttle on the C8 to really start feeling the power. It's not a huge deal and I'm slowly getting used to it, but I'm guessing I won't really be impressed with the C8's acceleration until I feel WOT. I haven't had many opportunities to feel the cornering capabilities of the C8, but I can tell it feels and handles really well. FYI, I drive solely in Z-Mode with everything set to Track and full traction control on.

    I wanted to break this out into it's own topic because it's that good. After starting off driving nothing but manual cars and swearing I'd own a manual car for the rest of my life, I really fell in love with the M-DCT that came in my ///M cars. My goodness, although I've never felt a PDK, that M-DCT was just everything I was looking for. I always drive in Manual mode, and that M-DCT did everything I wanted it to do when I wanted it to do it. Instant, quick upshifts and downshifts. The reason why I praise the M-DCT so much is because I also realize that not all DCT's are created equal. On paper I was really impressed with the 2018 Audi TT RS and I just had to have it. Without seeing it in person or even test driving it, I purchased one. That car's performance was amazing but I could only stand it for about 6 months before I went back and got another M3 because of the DCT. With aggressive throttle, the shifts were amazing as well, but in normal throttle, the manual shifts were lazy and lagging. NOW, onto the DCT in the C8..... oh my..... goodness..... I don't know what a PDK feels like and I know that is the holy grail of DCT's, but I just can't imagine a DCT better than the Tremec one that is on our C8s. I just love this DCT! Instant shifts everywhere and I can't believe it's even faster than the M-DCT. I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about the paddles on the C8 as again I absolutely loved the feeling of the paddles on the M cars and in this regard, although the paddles on the C8 aren't bad, I still give the nod to the paddles on the M cars.

    Thankfully and fortunately I haven't had any issues with the C8 and I'm hoping that continues. As far as build quality I can't really complain. If I were to compare my BMW's to the C8 as far as build quality I couldn't really say that one was better than the other.

    I had my first topless experience last weekend and it brought great joy very similar to another first topless experience of a different matter. LOL. Seriously though, I loved the convertible aspect of the Honda S2000s, but the open top experience in the C8 was just so different and unique. I do confess, even though I thought I educated myself by watching all the YouTube vids on how to remove the top, I did struggle my first time getting the top off. I also struggled a bit getting it snapped into place in the trunk. I also needed assistance putting the top back on, but I hope to get better with this with practice and having a better strategy of holding the top. The drive with the top off is amazing! I love how the motor sounds and you just hear that and the pops from the aggressive shifts from the DCT. Love it! Looking forward to more drives with the top off and getting better at taking on and off the top.

    I love my C8! To everyone who said that the wait is worth it, I can't help but to echo those thoughts to everyone who is waiting for their C8. It is EVERYTHING that everyone says it is and so much more! The C8 has so much of a presence on the road and it just gets so much positive attention. It makes me happy to see people's positive reaction on the road. I love walking to my car in a parking lot as it puts a huge smile on my face each time. I really fell in love for the 2nd time today as I finally got to see my car complete with wheels which I absolutely love and finishes the look I was going for. I would absolutely love to mod the C8 and add parts but I'm satisfied as is and will save for either the Z06 or E-Ray.

    Here's just a few photos I snapped today. Apologies for the poor quality photos.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2021-04-09 at 7.16.05 PM.png
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2021-04-09 at 7.16.40 PM.png
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    Excellent detailed write up. I have owned 3 new BMW’s and they are high quality cars. I am glad your are very pleased with your C8.
    Looking forward to our ME arriving.


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      I am not surprised you like your C8 because IMO you picked the right color. I like your sentence that walking toward your car puts a smile on your face. I also like your wheels.


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        Great write up. Top removal, storage and re-install is a slight stressor to all of us at the beginning. This video helps on some basic steps:

        Three additional caveats. Who cares what others think if you have a bad back, it is a windy day or things like that, ask for a spotter as shown in the video. I use a spotter windy day and other times too, Second something I learned from Mike Furman for none of us wants to be a member of the flying roof club. After putting it back on but before getting into the car, I take both hands facing the roof and try and put it skywards for if I have forgotten to attach one pin, I can actually lift it up and if I can, so can the wind when you are driving. Then also as Mike taught me I go around to the other side fo the car and again with two hands one in the front one near the very back of the roof try to lift that side up, There are hound reds if not thousands of Corvette owners who sheepishly and expensively belong to the flying roof club.

        The last suggestion is for those with a dark colored roof. It can get very hot if it has been sitting out in the sun so consider soft non-slip gloves to keep you in control and not burning yourself or worst yet dropping the roof because it is too hot to handle.


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          Wonderful write-up. And although I've never owned a BMW, I've owned and loved driving Audi S cars. In particular, the Audi S5 for many reliable years with the s-tronic DCT. When I heard the C8 would have a DCT, I was all in to have one. BTW, Audi's are world renowned for their up scale interiors and the C8 is right there with them.
          Glad to hear your love for the C8. Enjoy!


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            Great car and thoughts! Beautiful car!
            Torch Red Z51, 3LT, Lift, Transparent Top, Black Trident, Red/Black 2 Tone-seats, Mag, Carbon Flash wing and mirrors.


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              The video on top removal and replacement are much appreciated. I, probably like others, was being too gentle and becoming frustrated. You Canadians showed the simple way to both remove and replace the top. Here in the SE part of the US there is LOTS of pollen in the air, so it probably best to drive topless early when the dew has the pollen on the ground. Thanks
              Ceramic Gray Metallic Z51 w/TT interior Spec Grey Wheels


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                Hey, Mikey! He likes it.
                C8 Coupe, Zeus Bronze, 3LT, TU7, HUE, GUI, CF7, EFY, EYK, J6N, NPP, E60, STI, VQK


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                  With my C6, I took the roof off all the time and I'm not very big. With practice, the process gets faster. The sequence becomes natural and soon you won't have to think about it. People were surprised how fast I could get out of the car and get it back on if it started raining while when the roof was off.

                  That said, I love my HTC
                  2021 Red Mist HTC / Z51 /Mag Ride / Yellow Calipers / C-Flash Mirrors and Wing / Front Lift / Black 3LT / CF Interior Trim / Yellow Belts and Stitching

                  Atomic Orange C6. Plenty of engine and suspension mods. Gone, but not forgotten


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                    Nice review, it confirms the prevailing opinion of this car. I've had mine for a year already and I still can't believe a mid-engine Corvette is sitting in my garage, it's like some wonderful dream. You have to look awfully hard to find anything negative about this car. I have to admit, when I first saw the back end in the leaked photos before the reveal, I thought wow that's ugly but in person it's my favorite design feature, it comes together holistically in a way that you just can't see in photographs. I will stop and talk about this car to anyone who asks about it, LOL.


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                      Great write up and comparison to some of your other rides. I'm sure you'll being having even more fun as you open her up a bit more :-).
                      I have had several BMW's over the years (still do), I would put the C8 ahead of just about every car I have owned (and honestly its tied with the BMW on fit and finish, but the C8 is alot more fun to drive).
                      My Tactics Instructor use to say "it doesn't matter what you carry....but you can never have enough ammo".

                      Cars 1973 Camaro RS RestoMod (LSX454) if I ever finish, 1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT (was my Dad's car, lots of sentimental meaning), 2012 Hennessey HPE600 Camaro Convertible, 2017 Camaro 50th Anniversary Convertible and I am looking forward to my first Corvette C8, just in time for my 50th.


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                        Originally posted by SubVet View Post
                        Great write up and comparison to some of your other rides. I'm sure you'll being having even more fun as you open her up a bit more :-).
                        I have had several BMW's over the years (still do), I would put the C8 ahead of just about every car I have owned (and honestly its tied with the BMW on fit and finish, but the C8 is alot more fun to drive).
                        No knock on the BMW's for sure but I agree the C8 is just a different experience all together. This past weekend I was able to finally drive a little bit more spiritedly and now I understand the full power potential. I think the biggest reason the C8 felt slow to me is in how I engage the throttle and having to un-train myself from how I drove the ///M cars.

                        I've learned to feel the full power of the C8, you do indeed have to be 100% on the throttle and just more aggressive in general. In the ///M cars I couldn't drive like that because I would occasionally get the infamous bucking from the car. That taught me to always ease into the throttle. That coupled with always driving in Sport Plus mode in the M meant that you never really had to floor it because by the time you were about 1/2 to 3/4 on the throttle the mapping was pretty much equivalent to WOT anyway.

                        In the C8, I feel like the throttle progression is really linear even in Track mode. Meaning if you want 100% throttle, you really do have to floor it and like wise just easing into the throttle doesn't get you much acceleration. My brain understands that now, it's just a matter of my muscle memory getting fixed.

                        The C8's power definitely does feel amazing when you fully unleash it! -Mike


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                          This is probably not to relevant to your description of your comparison of car manufactures but I noticed something crazy about my 2020 corvette yesterday and I thought I would share it with you and other forum members. While driving down the highway the other day I saw a flashing portable sign telling me a bridge was out and to fallow the detour signs. As I passed the sign I looked in my rear view camera operated mirror and saw nothing legible but flashing lights on the sign. I then looked in the side view mirror and could read the sign although it was reversed? After going on line to question the situation I found that L E D lights flash on and off some times hundreds of times a second (apparently to save energy) and that the human eye can't see this but the camera can. I also noticed when a vehicle with L E D lights is behind me the lights seem to be flashing in the camera operated rear view mirror but in the regular mirrors they do not. Crazy huh.


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                            Awesome build, How many mile have you put on her?


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                              Sharp writeup and build. Enjoy your new C8👍👍
                              Arctic White 2LT, G8G, HUL, F9, AH2, 5ZZ, E60, STI, SHW J6F, Q8Q, RCC, Z51, ZYC.