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Do you get the big clunk?

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  • Do you get the big clunk?

    Whenever I park where there is a slight upgrade or downgrade, put it in PARK, let off the BRAKE before I hit the PARKING BRAKE the car rolls then I hear a load clunk sound from the DCT.

    Does the happen to anyone else?

    Does it damage the DCT?
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    I think it's the Emergency Break Lock
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      I do it in reverse and do not get any clunk. I keep my foot on the brake while engaging the park setting, then afterwards release my foot off the brake.
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        Set the parking brake before taking your foot off the brake pedal!
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          I have learned that driving a DCT is a little different.and required a few adjustments in driving style on my part. For example, I found if I moved my C8 very very slowly up a slight incline while entering my garage, pausing as the mirrors clear the garage door, the DCT clutches would appear to disengage and it it would require application of the accelerator to continue to move forward (i.e. it would not simply roll forward at idle). A couple of times I even heard or felt a clunk and I transitioned from stopping in this incline position to moving forward with application of the accelerator. I didn't want that to happen again, so I figured I was doing something incorrectly.

          Others on the forum probably already know the unique aspects of DCTs, but it was new to me and I wanted to learn more. I found this video by Engineering Explained helpful in understanding what not to do with a DCT. I don't know if the guidance provided in the video is entirely applicable to the C8, but it helped me understand some unique aspects of the DCT and make some adjustments to my driving style to prevent unnecessary wear on the clutches.

          For example, I now try not to creep starting/stopping when I enter my garage or any other time for that matter. Also, as others have commented, I also always engage my parking brake before taking my foot off the brake pedal when I park the C8.

          Bottom line, I have owned many manual transmission and automatic transmission vehicles but never a DCT. I love the DCT in the C8 and am happy to adjust my driving style in return for the outstanding performance that transmission provides.
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            Whenever I use the Electric Parking Brake (EPB), I always shift to Electronic Transmission Range Selector (ETRS) to Park first.
            Then I let my foot off the brake slowly to allow the vehicle to move a bit to get the transmission park to engage.
            Then I apply the EPB.
            In this way, you are assured that both the transmission is in park and the EPB is applied and both will hold the car from moving.

            In other words, you can have the EPB applied but the transmission park system is not engaged because the park pawl (purple in the picture below) is not indexed with the slot in the park lock gear (dark gray in the picture).
            This transmission park system operates the exact same as any older automatic transmission park system with the exception of the park system is engaged electronically rather than mechanically (using the shift lever on the column or console).

            Click image for larger version

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            The park lock gear is splined to (and therefore installed on) the final drive's pinion shaft.

            So the clunk you here after shifting to park and let off the brake is probably just the pawl (moved by the pawl torsion spring) engaging the park lock gear as the car coasts backward or forward a bit allowing the pawl to mate with a slot in the gear.

            This is how automatics have been designed and this is normal operation.
            We notice it so much because there are only a few, very coarse teeth on the park lock gear (to give them the strength to hold the vehicle from moving) and it needs a little rotation to line up with the pawl.
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              I think I’ll do what the owner’s manual says:

              To shift into P (Park):
              1. Hold the brake pedal down and set the parking brake. See Electric Parking Brake page 178.
              2. Press the P (Park) switch on the center console. See Dual Clutch Transmission page 170.
              3. Press ENGINE START/STOP to turn the engine off.