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Corvette Today Podcast Now On With Lance Miller (Corvettes At Carlisle)

Steve Garrett introduces you to Lance Miller.  Lance is the Co-Owner of Carlisle Events, which hosts the largest Corvette show in the country— Corvettes At Carlisle. Corvettes at Carlisle is the only major Corvette show that took place this year.  Lance talks about how things went this year during the pandemic.  Plus, he also talks about what the show is like during a non-pandemic environment. Lance is also the owner of the 1960 #3 Corvette that won its class at Le Mans in 1960. You previously hear about this valuable car on CORVETTE TODAY in podcast #14 with Kevin Mackay, podcast #15 with Michael Brown and podcast #22 with Jan Hyde.  But in this podcast, you get the story from the owners perspective!
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*Rear Wheel Steering by ZF AKC System on Mid Engined Zora model

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  • *Rear Wheel Steering by ZF AKC System on Mid Engined Zora model

    The new Cadillac CT6 has this new ZF rear wheel steering system already in production and is getting rave reviews on it's performance. The system comes in a single unit or the dual unit configuration which would be on the Mid Engined Zora model. The Zerv CAD leaks have shown a ZF DCT Transaxle and four ZF Magnetorheological engine mounts (two under the engine and two under the DCT transaxle) that have both been identified in the CAD leaked drawings. All three systems are designed to integrate with each other. Watching these latest videos of the ME in a tight turn, it sure seems to utilize this precise rear wheel steering system in tandem with the front steering system. I think that we will see all three systems on the Zora as it is a systems approach. Review the info and videos below and you will see them displayed on Zerv's leaked CAD files. I've added it to the List thread that I started.
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    Thank you Skank for this excellent thread!
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