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Front Licence plate mount

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  • Front Licence plate mount

    Being from one of those front plate states I saw a video of the C8 front plate location but no info on how it mounts and how it looks. Has anyone seen anything on this. Just askin.

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    There will be a bracket that comes with the car and you can have it put on or not, but they do not come with them attached. It mounts in the center. Sorry I do not know how it looks.
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      If it's anything like the C7, you won't want to use the official license plate mount. The center of the "grill" is removable and you can recess the plate within that space, we think.

      Or a removable aftermarket mount like the Sto'n'Sho.
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        My last "Vette," a 2000 C5, I mounted the plate in the normal place on the front. There was also a removable cover. I just used velcro (hooks) with adhesive on the back. I then also placed velcro (loops) directly on the plate. When I wanted the plate to show, I just removed the cover. If I did not want it showing, I just placed the cover in place with the velcro holding it in place. It worked just fine. I drove the car over 4 years with the plate like this.


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          Thanks MikeT. Probably what I will also be doing.

          More info about how the C8’s front license plate would look like when mounted, as a result of a information I gained during a conversation I had with Kirk Bennion at the 10.2 HTC reveal:

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            I would still like to see a picture with a front plate actually mounted. Each time I have a new Vette delivered, the 1st thing my salesman does when it rolls off the transporter is remove the plate bracket from inside the car and put it in his office so it doesn't get mounted. This gives me the opportunity to see if there is a better option.


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              Trust me..... it won't look good no matter how it's hung on. I live in a 'front plate' state too. I can say that the only Corvettes I ever had a front plate on were C3's.

              I do volunteer work for our local police department. The Chief once told me if his guys were writing tickets for 'no front plates' they didn't have enough to do. They do use it as a reason to establish 'probable cause' if they stop a suspicious motorist.

              One of my favorite stories is about the guy stopped because he had the front plate either on his dashboard or hanging from his sun visor. That established 'probable cause' and he was stopped. It turned out he was a repete offender and had a sufficient amount of drugs in the car to put him away for a long time. The case went up to the State Supreme Court and they interpreted the front plate law to mean it had to be on the 'most forward' part of the automobile to be in compliance with the law.

              Bottom line.... if you're going to ride around without that front plate, behave yourself, and you most likely won't be bothered.


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                I have to disagree with you. A cut down plate recessed in the opening of the C6 wasn't bad, the C7 is acceptable if the lower mount is used, and I if the C8 is recessed it will help break up the mass of the flat panel. As far as LE is concerned, I'm not worried about local departments, unless I'm in Chicago, but the ISP have been known to write tickets.


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                  I am really glad that Florida does not have a front plate. Charlie aka cutnout


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                    South Dakota has a limited front plate long as you put less than 6k miles per year on the car you can have a special interest front required...
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                      Not sure what the California law is, but I’m not putting a front plate on my C8. I currently don’t have a front plate on my Jeep or the wife’s SS Camaro, haven’t had any issues at all 🤞🏼.