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Ranking the 2020 Corvette Exterior Colors After Seeing All 12 in Person

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    Thanks for the analysis of the colors. I have not seen all the colors, interior or exterior, so I decided to go with relatively safe colors and ordered Torch Red with black interior.
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      I kind of favor blade silver 😬


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        I came to the same conclusion but only after seeing countless pictures and videos in every color, to try to get a sense of what each color would look like in person, coupled with seeing the colors on existing cars like zeus on cadillacs and other colors on chevys and c7's. I narrowed it down to silver, elk, and orange. I then eliminated orange. I finally decided on blade silver. While ELB looks better to me under sunlight i think blade silver looks better in most of the lighting conditions here in seattle and that the lines of the c8 pop more in the silver, but it is a close call.. almost could flip a coin. What put me over the edge is that the silver pops better against the black trim and vents, and the fact that I have driven a Laguna Blue Z06 for 3 years and now I will force myself to try something different even though I do love Laguna. I would have loved to see ELB and Blade silver on a c8 in person before making my final decision but your article has bolstered my view that I will be happy with either color.
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          Originally posted by John View Post
          Very interesting ranking and analysis. Great food for thought. Especially interesting considering that none of the top chosen colors by customers whose C8 orders have already accepted by GM are in Jag’s top three. If one wants to check out a good way to confirm that, please see this list (and there are more birdie whisperings for further confirmation).

          I think Jeremy is really getting a one of one, a 2020 Velocity Yellow C8.
          Um, I'm on that list and my car is Sebring Orange (color code G26). There are 11 orange cars on the list and one Lake Blue Metallic. No silver ones.


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            Since ELB was supposed to be on early constraint before the strike, maybe that is why there is only one.
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              Way to go Jag as I almost completely agree with the exact order of your list. My opinions are ALL from pictures or experience of the colors not seeing any of them on a C8. As I stated before (not popular) I too think some of those dark colors hide the lines and trim pieces too much (for me). Although I had the bronze where you put it for me but I think the lines look GREAT and I really love that color on the car (again not for me). When I was deciding I purchased 3 coins (Rapid blue, ELB, and Orange) as I expected it to be a battle between them. Even though I'm getting Rapid Blue I had it lower too as to me it didn't seem to pop as much as the ELB but I want that light blue color no matter what (I like a really light marine blue type color). I have to say that although I've had a silver car before and they seem plain to me when I saw the blade silver with that two tone blue interior I thought it was the best pics I've seen so far so at the last minute who knows. ha ha Again thanks for putting this great list together as it was fun to observe your pics and comments.
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                When the Zora is available, I will go with Sebring Orange, if it’s still available. Add some carbon fiber to it and in my opinion it looks awesome. I also traveled to Carlisle to see the various colors, after seeing the Sebring Orange at the Les Stanford reveal. Whatever color one chooses, I think will be an excellent choice for them.

                Regards Brian


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                  I keep L 👀King but can only see one color ....
                  A thought if I might ...


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                    Originally posted by Bikerjulio View Post
                    My car will be your top dislike. The colour choice was one of my very few disappointments about the C8. I would have liked to see a few more modern "Euro" colours. Like a Nardo Grey for instance. It's always personal, but I wanted a more restrained colour, and the C8 has pretty strong lines. I don't think it will look bad in SGM.
                    Like I said in the article, "There wasn’t a single color that I saw on a 2020 Corvette that I thought didn’t look good in person." So it's not that SGM is my top dislike, it's just my least favorite. Your build is going to be awesome!


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                      Where can I find the color codes list? Just curious. I did see Shadow Gray metallic on a different Chevrolet car, was hoping there was a good bit of teal in it but it just looks blah to me, maybe in the full sunlight it might show that, but I saw it on an overcast day, DIdn't care for it under that lighting condition. Totally subjective though.


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                        Thanks Jag, for sharing your experience and pics. Yes color is purely in the eye of the beholder. Although I do not agree with your choices or order. Fortunate for all of us that we do have a great amount of which to choose.
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                          Color is so very personal. I don't think anyone needs to rationalize their color choice to anyone but themselves. The dozen plus Corvettes we've had have been all over the map as far as colors go. Three have been white while two were Torch Red. For the last couple of years we've been 'burned out' on black, gray and white. You can't go anywhere where they make up less than 9 of the 10 vehicles you see on the road.

                          Our C8 'vert' will be Torch Red (but orange was a very close 2nd).
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                            Those were very well laid out build is SOT and it’s because I have enough red cars...I know colors are very subjective and emotional, so,I think I will get used to the orange and appreciate its character....along with black leather interior with yellow stitching and belts and yellow calipers, it will be a car you either love or hate...that’s life...
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                              Originally posted by Jetdriver View Post
                              Where can I find the color codes list? Just curious. I did see Shadow Gray metallic on a different Chevrolet car, was hoping there was a good bit of teal in it but it just looks blah to me, maybe in the full sunlight it might show that, but I saw it on an overcast day, DIdn't care for it under that lighting condition. Totally subjective though.
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                              Shadow Gray Metallic - GJI
                              Torch Red - GKZ
                              Rapid Blue - GMO
                              Elkhart Lake Blue Metallic - GS7
                              Zeus Bronze Metallic - GUI


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                                On board with most of your thoughts, but a few of my own:

                                I really don't like the way Sebring Orange looks in the shade. Reminds me of an orange creamsicle from the Good Humor man. That's on a C7, though. I haven't seen it on a C8, but if the color hasn't changed I don't think my opinion will.

                                The car does look fantastic in silver. My only hesitation with that color is every parking lot in America. I think half the cars parked are silver, or a light gray not much different than silver. I want my car to stand out a little more.

                                I actually like the rapid blue, but my wife doesn't, and I'm afraid it's too trendy, and I'll get tired of it long before I get tired of the car

                                Right now, ELB is my #2 choice. I'm about 30% ELB to 70% TR, but that percentage could change from day to day. TR isn't my favorite shade of red (too orangey) but the C8 looks phenomenal in that color in spite of that.
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