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    Originally posted by MidLife View Post

    I would think all season are more noisy due to more tread blocks compared to a summer or performance tire that have less tread blocks and more continuous strips of rubber. Just my theory.
    Just the opposite on the C7. All season run-flats are noticeably quieter than the summer tires.
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      The evolution of the run flats from the Goodyear standard-on-entry-versions C6’s to the run flats on the C7 were a milestone, such things as reducing the weight penalty per tire by half, improving both wet and dry pavement performance greatly, and a major reduction in noise.

      We do not yet know, but none of us would be surprised if since the C8 has literally is own bespoke tires, both versions, that we see major and further evolutions in both performance and noise. One change we know, is that even before Michelin create unique PS 4S’s for the C8, that the PS 4S for other applications were a major improvement compared to the PSS tires.

      Likely, there are similar massive improvements in the Michelin A/S 4’s designed for our C8’s compared to the A/S 3+’s available for our C7’s.
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        Originally posted by CaryBob View Post

        Just the opposite on the C7. All season run-flats are noticeably quieter than the summer tires.
        I guess thats your experience. Both are run flats, so that doesn't make a difference. How are AS quieter?


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          Originally posted by Boomer View Post

          Plus that LT2 humming!

          Yes!! The sound of 500 HP singing and a DCT shifting!! 😍