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Could GM have priced the C8 way higher?

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    When I first became interested in the mid engine Corvette I assumed it would be affordable (whatever that means). IMO, had it been priced in a way that a well equipped car would cost over $100,000 it would have slammed the door to a great number of customers. As it is, my build, including taxes, etc. is pushing $90,000. That is about the limit of what I was willing to pay, and I think of myself as being somewhat "everyman." Now that I am hooked and have spend the best part of four months obsessing over the C8 who knows what I would pay?
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      Well I think GM did the right thing. The base model is priced low for entry buyers now load with options it gets up to 80k (same msrp price as the GM truck I just bought in August) pretty fast . Now the HP versions to be released I have no doubt will get into the 120 to 150 Plus range with a awd hybrid ultra performance variant. That is what I am panting for!


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        I believe GM will definitely raise the price, my guess is 2021's will start at $63,495.00 (it's still palatable).

        Thanks GM! That is going to keep the resale value higher on my 2020!!
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          Originally posted by LightningBolt View Post
          Meyerweb put it very well discussing the differences in the Ferrari and GM business models and that goes to service as well. GM is simply not prepared to deliver the white glove service of a high end service department.
          Well, I think they could if they made it a separate brand. Lexus started out selling a bunch of upgrade Toyotas (and some of them still are) but the Lexus dealer experience is worlds better than Toyota's. But just like GM makes money by selling in volume, so do Chevy dealers. Hard to make the Corvette experience special when most of their money comes from selling Cobalts and Tahoes.

          But the other thing to keep in mind is that white glove service comes with a cost. The cost of a free loaner car, snacks in the showroom, enough service department staff to meet you in the driveway and open your door for you? All that is built into the cost of the car. Selling the C8 through a Lexus-type dealership would raise the price.
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            Consumer Surplus is a great thing when it happens. But there is no way GM could've priced C8 much higher with the same previous Vette profit targets. People simply would not pay in volume for +$100k Corvette. Porsche, McLaren and used Fcar would be very competitive there. As other's have noted, it's not GM's biz model. 200K C7's is a heck of a lot of cars. Corvette is not set up currently or previously to be an exclusive model. I doubt highly that will ever change, as GM is a very large company which feeds on volume sales, not niche sales. I was on the fence myself between a 911 or C8, and the price won me over. DCT was a downer, but I'll give it a try.