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Could GM have priced the C8 way higher?

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  • Could GM have priced the C8 way higher?

    Hey everyone. I made this video after watching Jay Leno and

    Tadge get together with the C8. I also included info from Motor
    Trend and their perspective on the C8. I truly believe what
    Both them and Leno and really everyone else that has driven this car says. GM could have priced this car way higher and while we are happy that they didn't, this car is worth every penny they are asking plus more. What are your thoughts on this matter?

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    Thanks Brink of Speed for posting your video on the forum!


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      You're welcome!


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        Two thumbs up!

        Thanks brinkofspeed,. What a great C8 GM has created for us at below market price!
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          Well, I do know that if it was priced higher, it’d be out of my budget and I wouldn’t be buying one. It makes me feel good to think I’m getting an incredible bang for my buck deal, but if it started at 80k not 60k then I’m probably getting a Mustang for the third time. If part of their pricing strategy was to hook in new buyers, it worked.
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            GM isn't interested in following Ferrari's business model, e.g. low volume high profit. That's not the business GM is in. It's also not really a business model they have any experience in. Ferrari buyers expect better than white glove service when they buy. They expect an almost unlimited array of customization options. They expect brand cachet far greater than a Chevy nameplate is going to give them, no matter the cost.

            The BG facility simply isn't set up for the kind of manufacturing model Ferrari follows. COULD GM completely rebuild the way they do business for this car? Yes, I suppose they could. Would they? I expect they'd simply cancel the product first.
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              They make at least some of that back on the pricing of the multitude of options. For example, a brake caliper color other than black is $595. Chromed badges are $100 extra over the cost of standard black. (Oddly, on the C7, chrome badges were standard and black badges cost $100 extra). Colored seat belts, non silver wheels, etc etc, my favorite being the black lug nuts, $225 extra.

              By the time I price out a convertible, Z51 with mag ride, 2LT and not much more, I am up to over $80K
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                I could not agree with all of you more! This car truly is worth more money to lovers of high end sports cars. I was one of the early proponents of a $80,000 price tag for a start, with it escalating to over $100k with options. I wish I had a picture of my face when Mark Reus said, at the reveal, that this was starting "under $60,000." I almost fainted on the spot. But my mistake is certainly not embarrassing! I will get everything I want in my HTC for under $100,000 and be pleased as punch. And, yes, I am another convert to the Corvette family with this vehicle. GM has certainly raised the bar!


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                  I put my deposit down over 2 1/2 years ago thinking it would be around 120,000 or more.


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                    I was in the group thinking $75,000 entry with a personal limit of $100,000 all in which would require me to give up my LRG 14. I talked to a gentleman last April whos son worked in GM Corporate offices and had told him he felt it was priced to low, which turned out to be correct. The plates sitting to go on are STOLN since this car, bought for less than a $100,000 could indeed be considered stolen.


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                      I am of the belief that the c8 pricing will jump ~10 percent or so each year.

                      leading the consumer upward is a smart play as jumping too much in one year especially the first year would have set a poor precedent where as when GM launched under 60 grand the world took notice of the value the entire chevrolet brand...

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                        Not sure about 10% but Motortrend has heard something
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                          GM stated from the beginning that this Corvette had to be attainable . ........Bullseye. will be a bargain for awhile JMHO
                          Cant believe I was smart enough to put money up for a sight unseen C8, but the C7 was my first Corvette and it impressed me and erased any doubts about the C8 being another great example of what a Corvette IS....
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                            Although the C8 is a fantastic car, it's not a Ferrari or a Lamborghini and can't be priced like one. Let's face it, no one would pay two hundred plus grand for a Stingray and GM knew that. They could have probably squeezed maybe fifteen to twenty grand from their customers, but not two hundred grand. The Vette would have been DOA.
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                              Meyerweb put it very well discussing the differences in the Ferrari and GM business models and that goes to service as well. GM is simply not prepared to deliver the white glove service of a high end service department.
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