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C8 Styling - A matter of Choice. What do you think?

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  • C8 Styling - A matter of Choice. What do you think?

    Lots of comments about the design and styling of the C8. While styling is subjective and a matter of personal option and taste, I'm curious if there's a consensus. I've read through the comments and tried to pull out the sentiments that seemed to repeat and be shared by forum members.
    The C8 is a mid-engined styling masterpiece.
    The C8's styling is really attractive from every angle.
    The C8's styling is good but some aspects or angles could be better.
    The C8's rear end styling isn't as good as the rest of the car.
    The C8's styling is unattractive and disappointing from multiple angles.

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    We love the C8’s looks, except candidly we do not have a crush on its rear. Part of my wife and our thinking to “change up” the rear’s looks, was to get black (no more distinctive, contrasting-color looking rear ducts), and to add in a carbon flash high wing. Do we think the four posts on the high wing are perfection? No, but we totally understand why they had to be, and overall, we really like the high wing.

    However, while we really like the 300 degrees of the C8’s looks, we lust after the C8’s tens of even stronger attributes.

    And just like our getting a yellow C7 (97% of Corvette owners do not want a yellow Corvette), to paraphrase that famous movie line, “we didn’t give a ****” then we were then in the 3% minority; and, we care less if folks do not like any part or even all of our C8.

    We will make frequent trips at night to the garage just to re-visit our C8, and during many days, we will get into the car and go for tons of daily drives most without a desired or needed purpose — other than to have miles of Corvette smiles.

    We can not wait until our C8 arrives!
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      Agreed. I quit worrying about what other people thought long ago. I like what I like and want what I want. If someone else doesn't like my taste....that is perfectly ok...and I don't care. I actually like the C8 from every angle.


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        It's not perfect, but it is very, very good. I agree with MT that a lot of detailing is very busy. There are a couple of angles that make the rear deck look long enough to land a small plane on. The rear carries the "very busy" theme to an extreme, although it's much better in person than in most photos.

        In spite of the above comments, though, overall the car is a smash hit. As my Porsche driving older brother said: It's *****in'. (Or b-i-t-c-h-i-n' in case the nannie filters get me.)
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          I'm in the "rear end" is a let down camp. I love the rest of the car. Front, side, interior etc. I can't get past the "Camaro" rear end. I really wish the designers had gone in a more organic direction and complimented the rest of the design. From the back it doesn't look like the same car as from the side or front.


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            The C8’s styling is captivating. I am going to get a true exotic looking sports car for less than $75,000.
            Looking forward to our ME arriving.


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              I absolutely love it as it's completely different and unique at a reasonable price point. Where else can you get a loaded up supercar with all the options for around 100K ? Before anyone says you can get one for 60K. I am talking about loading one up as I plan to enjoy it as a daily driver. I don't want to say later down the road - I wish I would have ordered this or that. Been there done that. It's still a fantastic vehicle for 100K.
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                On the coupe I think the area from behind the door to the rear of the car in profile looks too long. It's the same criticism I've had since the debut, seeing it in person did not change my opinion of that.

                The convertible for reasons that I find hard to put a finger on does not suffer from this appearance of being long.

                Other than that reservation about the coupe only, I love every inch of the C8.


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                  From the back, the engine deck looks a bit out of proportion to the front of the car, as if the mid engine, intakes, exhaust, and rear wheels have caused the rear of the car to expand. Still the front looks wide and low. In person it looks like it is going 70 mph standing still.
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                    I absolutely love the styling of the new C8, overall. Am I in love with the rear end? It looks good, but not great. I can see round, Ferrari like tail lights (also harkening back to the Vette's heritage) in the future.


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                      Most importantly I voted with my wallet..........👍
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                        I like the looks of the car except for the black side body molding. I will order the optional body side molding that matches the color of the car.


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                          Once it’s in my garage ask me. Until then I like the whole look. The long hood short deck is just run out of time. I don’t like it on Ferrari and Mercedes. Corvette finally has a car I’m excited about. I owned a C7 and grew tired of the look after 64 years. Not hating on the C7 just not a buyer anymore.
                          She is like a beautiful women and some people on here are not happy with her shoes or necklace 😎. I’d still buy her a drink if I were single.
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                            I think it is not perfect, but I like it from all angles. To me the front is not as good as the C7, but the rest of the car is much better. It looks like a car with the engine behind you, which is a big change that a lot of front engine people are not accustomed.
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                              The front quarter image is 1000 % spot on. In all the colors. BUT the side/profile look could be better IMO , ground effects help the look I'm looking for though, at least on the Coupe. The same angles pics of the 'vert may make me reconsider. The taillights are just fine for me.

                              I know nothing is perfect - but I try to get as close as possible.