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Spring Mountain?

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  • Spring Mountain?

    Any word when training starts at Spring Mtn on the C8's?

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    Several of us have been in contact with their key staff as to that very question. However, as Spring Mountain has yet to sign the actual contract with GM, they yet do not know when the Corvette Owners School classes would start.

    Relatedly, the original program for the earlier training for dealership personnel, required as you know for all dealerships going to sell the C8, was going to start mid-September. The strike killed that timetable, with the last information being that dealership staff training would start in early January. As that process is going to take three months, dealership personnel training would finish up sometime in March.

    That would dovetail nicely with SORP starting February 3rd, and with roughly a one month Quality Control Hold before initial customer deliveries, current best estimates are for initial customer C8 arriving to dealerships around the middle to the end of March.

    Putting all that together, might SM’s Corvette Owner School start in early April?
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      Dealership personnel training started on October 28th.