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Monday’s software updates, including changes to our Photo Gallery, User Name Cards, and other changes & fixes can be accessed here: Thanks brad66 for creating the linked thread.
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Mid-Engine Corvette Book

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  • Mid-Engine Corvette Book

    I have always thought it would be cool for there to be a Book just On Mid-Engine Corvettes, there are on Concepts, a particular model(z06,L88,ZR1,Gs etc) So I know a big name publisher wouldn't be able to do it because of numbers involved and return of investment. Now that There is a Mid Engine it looks like,will there finally be a History on Just the Midengine? There is alot of self-publish/on-demand print options. Am I the only one who would buy such a book? I just think of The Aerovette on The Cover with its Gullwing doors up. Respectfully Submitted, Jose, 36, Miami US Of A.

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    I agree..ill buy that book and im sure the story would be facinating as the. C8 releases...i truly enjoyed all corvettes are red back as the c5 released. That was a great read.


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      I’d go for it.
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        Not sure if this was posted anywhere on the forum yet, but thought this might be a good place for it.
        From Car and Driver, "10 Cars that Paved the Way for the Mid-Engined C8 Corvette".
        Before there was the C8 Corvette, there were these 10 concept cars, prototypes, and ideas that would eventually spawn it.
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          That article was not here. Thanks VH1 for finding and linking it. However,here is a MECF thread we have with lots of good info on those Corvette mid engine protypes for those who want to look backwards at the now 59 years since the first ME prototype was built, and learn a little about each.

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            I know this is not the right spot but,
            Welcome to the site, post some information in the new member forum info when you've have time...Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_2471.PNG Views:	2 Size:	118.3 KB ID:	9226
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