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Coupe vs Convertible

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    News from Autotrader:

    Coupe Pros and Cons

    For many shoppers interested in the best possible driving experience, a coupe is the way to go. Coupes are usually more rigid than convertibles, owing to the fact that they have a full-on metal roof rather than a huge hole behind the top of the windshield where a convertible soft-top goes. The result of the extra rigidity is better handling, which is especially noticeable at a racetrack.

    Coupes are also the preferred choice of performance-car enthusiasts because they're lighter than convertibles. Even though a convertible often replaces a coupe's hardtop with a soft folding top, the mechanisms required to move the soft-top almost always add back all the weight saved -- and then some. And while a convertible's top may look soft, it's actually very heavy thanks to insulation and reinforcement materials inside.
    Another coupe benefit is styling. While many modern convertibles look great with the top down, they can look a little odd with the top in place, which is their usual resting position. Coupes, on the other hand, boast especially clean lines, largely because a car is usually designed as a coupe first and a convertible second. Finally, coupes also tend to be cheaper than their convertible counterparts, with few exceptions.
    Of course, there are some drawbacks to coupes. The biggest one is obvious: You won't get the top-down, wind-in-your-hair feeling or pure joy that you'll experience with a convertible. You also won't enjoy the same roaring engine note. In other words, the logical side of your brain probably tells you to stick with a coupe, while the fun side pushes for a convertible.

    Convertible Pros and Cons

    The biggest benefit of choosing a convertible over a couple is simple: enjoying beautiful summer days with the top down, the wind in your hair, and a relaxing ride without the encumbrances of a fixed roof to limit your visibility -- or your fun. By the same token, convertibles also give you a better chance to hear your car's engine note, and they're more exciting for your friends and other passengers.
    Additionally, most convertibles don't pose a threat to performance like enthusiasts often suggest that they do. Yes, it's true that convertibles are usually less rigid than coupes -- but not by much. And we think you'll rarely feel the difference on a regular road. It's the same thing with weight: Most convertibles only add a few hundred pounds over a coupe, which translates to the same weight gain as one or two passengers.
    But there are a few drawbacks to convertibles. Styling and pricing are two, as mentioned above. But there's also an issue with complexity: Convertible tops aren't known for their simple operation, and you could be looking at a big bill if yours breaks when you're out of warranty. Admittedly, such failures are rare, but if it happens, it won't be a cheap fix.

    What to Do?

    By listing the pros and cons of both convertibles and coupes, we probably haven't made your decision for you. But we hope we've given you a few important points to consider as you think about what car to choose next.

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      you make a clear case for the pros and cons of each.

      i would suggest the central backbone chassis design has 10 percent greater rigidity than the previous quite rigid c7...

      also keep in mind the corvette team designs both their targa and convertible models on the same chassis. Both with an open roof top and have done so for the past generations.

      after the flexible chassis and stiff springs debacle in the automotive press back in 1984...that would be the last generation of corvettes that had a flexible chassis.

      one of the finer points of corvettes of c5, c6 , c7 and now c8 generations is that chassis rigidity is world class stiff...allowong suspension engineers a greater ability to offer both a great ride even with z51 and fine tune suspension geometry for world class handling .
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        I really want to see the convertible in order to decide. As noted on another thread, I'm happy the convertible will be revealed on the 2nd. I hope, as John stated, that the pricing for the it will also be announced that evening. I'm ok if you have to get 2LT interior with it, I was going to get that package anyway. If $12K more, and it includes the $7.5K 2LT, then it's less than $5K for the convertible. I'm hoping that it will be only a $5-6K up-charge, but think it will be more with no other options required. Fingers crossed


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          Originally posted by George View Post
          I've never cared for the turbulence and buffeting of open air cars, but if you like that, the vert looks really nice. As a side note, Tadge said the C8 with targa top removed has much less buffeting than the C7 had.
          I think that's an important consideration. It seems I drive my C7 with the top down 95% of the time, but I rarely see coupes with the targa top off *shrug*. If I get the coupe as planned (I really like the exposed engine), I'll leave the Targa top off most of the time, since my Vettes are destined for warm sunny driving weather.

          All my past Vettes have been convertibles, and once the C8 convertible is revealed I may decide to make the move to the convertible. It will depend on the looks and features associated with the convertible...

          So, as the blind man famously said, "We shall see."
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            Snap reaction without seeing either in person:
            I love the engine cover for the coupe. I think it's a handsome design and very attractive.
            I've owned 3 convertibles. Loved each of them, all three had automatic soft top. My parents owned a convertible C5 that I drove around. I think the C8 Spyder/Spider/Convertible renders look very good, and the "nacelles" are attractive. Push button operation is a nice thought.

            However, I really don't know if I would be happy without the engine cover, or if it would just naw at me every time. I also enjoy the high wing, so I'd have to see what the 'vert looks like with the high wing. Guess is, the nacelles flowing into the wing will be an attractive look.

            It's a "tough" decision, I agree. Very first world/privileged problem (lets be honest, if you're plunking down for a 'Vette, things are going well for you), but a conundrum none the less.


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              How long does it take to remove the targa top on the c7?


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                Maybe 1 minute...
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                  Originally posted by Meldoon View Post
                  Maybe 1 minute...
                  That is way less than I expected. I'm really fine with the coupe now.


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                    Originally posted by WillRockwell View Post
                    I am conflicted about whether to change my order.

                    open the top with the press of a button. No wrestling with the Targa Top and trying to stuff it in the trunk.
                    The nascelles look awesome
                    the car looks even more like a Ferrari

                    it will cost a lot more
                    how often would I actually have the top down? Wife doesn't like the wind
                    I know I would put the top up on the highway, it's just too noisy
                    You might be surprised how calm things are on the highway with the top down and side windows up. R
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                      im getting the targa ...yet anyone even interested should put their name on both the targa and convertible list at the same dealer...

                      once the general public sees the convertible and the pricing comes out... it will be too late...

                      im not buying the convertible but for those up and get on both lists before the public gets crazy...

                      i dont think you have to give up your targa reservation until you decide which one you want the targa or the vert or its time to order the targa with options etc......

                      that delay on placing the reservation for the targa was my foolish mistake. It wasn't a big deal but I waited until mid May to get a hindsight I should have done it sooner...

                      live and learn...pass on the insight to help your friends avoid the same type of error...

                      not a big deal but if i would have reserved earlier i would be number 120 versus high 200s...

                      At 60 or 70 plus deliveries a month...with a supposed 40 percent drop off in previous generations..its not a big deal on targa delays...

                      but if I could do it all over again...i guess I should have reserved months earlier...than may with a July 18th official reveal of the targa...just a suggestion...(if the pricing is ridiculous then stick with the targa but if its an excellent value and you passionately love the RHT looks then you ll have already been on the reservation list..

                      after the july 18th reveal it was pretty late to order a 2020 targa within a few days....of the reveal. Imo..

                      john Q public went insane ordering the c8 targa...i think the vert will be an even quicker sell out..
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                        When does the Crystal Ball say the first convertibles will be delivered? April?

                        Provided of course, the engine block deal, or the strike, or this humongous recall doesn’t put them out of BUSINESS!!!!
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                          Originally posted by Meldoon View Post
                          Maybe 1 minute...
                          And at at 30mph ? 🤕


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                            With the caveat that my crystal ball is no more accurate than anyone elses....

                            The C7 'vert reveal was 3 months after the coupe, and 'vert shipments started about 3 months after the coupe.
                            The C8 'vert reveal is about 2 1/2 months after the coupe, so I would expect production to start about that much behind the coupe, and deliveries also about that far behind.

                            Predictions are that the first C7 deliveries could be in February, so I'm predicting (e.g., guessing) 'vert deliveries late April to early May.
                            SunKissed, my 2015 2LT, 7MT, Black over Daytona Sunrise Orange Metallic, Stingray convertible (One of about 40)

                            Purchased 5/2/2015,
                            >33,000+ miles

                            Proud member of the Old Dominion Corvette Club. Check us out


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                              Originally posted by Meldoon View Post
                              Trying to decide which to buy. This forum is the best place to gather information and opinions. So what are your thoughts? How did you make your decision? If you have. Pros and cons of each.

                              Knowledge will make this decision easier, or harder, or .........flip a coin!
                              I own a auto upholstery shop and install convertible tops on a regular basis. Lately I have recived a ton of calls from people having problems with hard top convertibles not functioning. I can only imagine it is a sensor nightmare and will turn out to be dealer work only. Its cool to have a convertible like this as long as you can afford to trade it in for a new one when the warranty is up.


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                                I received my call from Mike Furman today to order my C8. I politely informed him that I was reverting back to the retractable hard top camp. I expect to have a car by summer none the less, given my early allocation. On another note, there is not much a guy can do with a car like this until about May, where I live.