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Help my C8 is 90K!!!!!

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    Originally posted by dev23007 View Post
    Im sorry but I have two first world problems.

    1) 2LT vs 3LT
    jet black with red stiching is what i want, but I also like the jet black seats with adrenaline red dash,doors etc. only availble on 3LT for 4k More. SMH. Just plain 2LT black seems so boring to me but I have not sat in the car. Maybe 3LT is not needed and I can just save some money. Thoughts from those who have seen them?

    2) non z51 vs Z51 w/MRC

    Sure I could save money here, Not going to track it much if at all. Kind of like the car w/o the spoiler(but i havent seen it in torch red w/o spoiler- still looking)
    If I go Z51 do i get the black or color match spoiler with the black mirrors(so torn on this. I literally cant decide. I may filp a coin today) If I am spending 80K on a car should i just go all out and get the z51? Just seems like when im at 2LT/3LT Im all in at that point and will regret not doing the z51 with MRC as a "toy" option if i keep it forever.

    Has anyone taken a picture of the adrenealine red interior? Does it look nice, or is it flashy and gaudy looking? Check out my awesome spreadsheet. My wife may kill me.
    The thing that stood out the most to me is how inexpensive your taxes are. In my state they are twice your state's taxes, fees, etc.

    or each item you selected, how much do you really want that item? It comes down to looks or performance. There is no right or wrong answer. For any big decision, I sleep on it and then decide. Somehow in our dream state we figure things out.


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      I went Torch Red 2LT with Z51, GT1 seats, Natural Interior, MRC, Carbon Flash wheels and the premium car cover. I'm right at $75K. Dealer told me EVERY order he took, people ordered the front lift system. I said, no thanks.. I guess I was his first.
      I probably won't track it. But like to drive aggressively on occasion. Soooooo much looking forward to it.
      I liked all the safety features with 2LT. All the cameras, warning systems, etc. And I really wanted the natural interior. If I'd gone 1LT it would've been sky cool gray.


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        My advice would be. Don't spend $90k if $90k is a big deal. Spend $60 and get 96.285% of the driving experience . The extra $30k can provide must more bang for the back spent on other things. I am sure you have more interests than just Corvettes. What about a Ducati Diavel?
        $30k can buy a lot of fun (or food)-especially given what others have said the rate of depreciation on options can be.
        If $90k is no big deal-do a $90k build, otherwise, keep your powder dry. Lots of other fun things to spend "option money" on jmho.


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          Hey: You know, this is my just opinion based on my life style. This will be the last Corvette I will ever buy new or used. I'm retired almost 70 years old and bought my first Corvette in 1968 used, my first new Corvette in 1974. I bet a lot of you guys weren't born in 1968. I have continually owned a Corvette ever since, sometimes 3 or 4 at one time. As some of you know I presently only own only 1, our 1953 which I have had for close to 30 years now. I'm not wealthy by any means I had been saving up for a new Ford F350 and held off that purchase when the rumors started hot and heavy on the C8, so I had a little jump start on a down payment. My wife's 2014 car paid off a few months ago, so I should have enough credit to get a good loan rate. The grand total for our C8 3LT is just a tad under 90K and that includes the $5000.00 PIN option. Sure I will have a car payment, I have had one my entire adult life ,so I am not skimping on anything. Maybe my kids can save on a casket and just burry me in this one. If you're not going to keep it cut down on the options there is a lot of good advice on this forum about what works well without something else, if you want to keep it for long term check the boxes for everything you want and enjoy the Hell out of the car, the payments go away before you know it.
          Our C8 Arctic White, two tone interior black w/ red seats, 3LT...options--EYK, PIN, E60, ZZ3,VK3, ZYC, DTH, Q8Q, ERI, YF5, FE4, Z51, BV4


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            Spend the $$! How many special rides will come along in your life? 2lt ot 3lt for sure! Z-51 + Fe4 Mag Ride..

            go for it.


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              Originally posted by Racer86 View Post
              Toyota has some nice Camry’s on sale, much cheaper than a Corvette.
              Can they haul two sets of golf clubs?
              Current Vettes:
              '68 Lemans Blue 327/350 Convertible
              '91 Turquoise Convertible w/hardtop
              '14 Lime Rock Green 2LT Convertible, Black Top, Kalahari, 7-Speed, Performance Exhaust
              Upcoming Vette:
              '20 Elkhart Lake Blue 2LT Coupe, Natural Interior, GT2 two-tone seats, Performance Exhaust, Front Lift, Carbon Flash Wheels, Engine Appearance Package


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                Originally posted by Mobius View Post

                Can they haul two sets of golf clubs?
                Pretty sure you could haul about 10 bags in a Camry.


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                  Balance is the key...

                  the choices dont have to be a 30 grand Camry or a fully loaded 90 grand c8...

                  extremism is always an incorrect way to find balance.

                  the average car sold in america for 2018 was 37517 dollars according to KBB..

                  75 grand is literally more than twice the cost of the average car sold in the USA.

                  thats not too shabby and hardly a vehicle optioned rationally could be declared not treating yourself well.

                  Ninety grand can probably buy a c8 z06 give or take a few dollars...

                  prioritizing and trying to focus on what would make a person happy at 75 grand is hardly slumming..

                  lets get real guys...

                  Torch Red exterior/ black interior z51 FE4 1LT (only two options)


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                    A 90 grand ZO6 C8 ( which doesn’t exist) would be a base model, so we are back to the options deal


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                      Originally posted by Chrjones2 View Post
                      If I was in your shoes and I was about to spend 90k on the base car. I would either cut options or I would just wait to see what the z06 looked like.
                      Imho the Z06 In 2022 will look like 120k
                      2014 Stingray Laguna Blue “Cindyblue”
                      1100 status 😊
                      2020 C8 Stingray 3LT Elkhart Lake Blue 2 tone Blue int.


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                        I have to agree. 90K will be a very base model Z06. Buy whatever you desire, not necessarily need. I know I don't need the 1000hp variant, but I do have a deposit at Les Stanford Chevrolet, on one. I was hoping for 185-200K, and was told I might be a little light. I don't really think there will be a lot of 60K base models floating around, but others think that will be the C8's saving grace, Time will tell. Just don't be talked out of what you want, or into something you don't want. There are a lot of opinions out there, and mine is just one in the pool. Enjoy whatever you decide on.

                        Regards Brian


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                          Look at your order sheet..

                          Oem car covers , oem carbon fiber trim, painted brake rotors, colored seatbelts...

                          if you want to spend 90 grand....then by all means go for it...its not a big deal..60 grand, 75 grand or 90 grand

                          the differences are minimal

                          the 90 grand version doesnt even reach up to a base no option porsche 911..

                          that asked for help...

                          you are 37 with a wife and kids.

                          you are putting 39 grand down and your payment is between 900 and a 1100 a month...

                          a good piece of to imagine you were taking all the money out of your checking account would you order...the car...

                          my suggestion...scrap the black trident wheels, all the extra carbon fiber nonsense, forget the car cover, painted brake calibers, and colored seat belts ? forget all the nonsense you dont need. You asked for opinions...hell would freeze over before I took out a loan to pay for such nonsense. (JMO)

                          anything that could be added later from the aftermarket dont order..HALF THE FUN OF A THIRD CAR IS TO FIND EXQUISITE AFTERMARKET PARTS THAT ARE TWICE THE QUALITY AND HALF THE PRICE AND MOST IMPORTANTLY ARE CUSTOM ORDERED AND BUILT THAT MAKE YOUR CAR UNIQUE. Please remember you asked for advice and opinions.

                          you are 39, this is your first corvette. You dont even know if you enjoy owning much less driving a corvette a year or two down the road..It wont be your last are probably not going to keep it ten years as a third car in the garage under a cover...(most likely)

                          first corvette? 2LT , z51 fe4 E60 at 76 grand and call it a day.

                          anything else you want you can have added later on or live without.

                          or not....go whole hog...its all of an extra 15 grand...

                          i would pass in the car cover though...but what do I know?

                          I saily drive my b.tch in the summer, winter fall and spring...

                          100 inches of snow a year and I daily mine...

                          to me its a car...i use it ..

                          I never let the things I own, own me...

                          anything I own..if I dont use it in 6 months its gone.

                          different strokes for different Folks.

                          good luck Devin.
                          Last edited by JB; 09-04-2019, 06:52 AM.
                          Torch Red exterior/ black interior z51 FE4 1LT (only two options)


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                            Originally posted by dev23007 View Post
                            Yeah I do feel like im getting suckered on every level I really wanted the car to be around 75k. I would feel better about that. Im just trying to pick and choose. If I splurge on everything GM will be very happy. We have all debt paid off, God bless for that, so this is really just a car I have always wanted since I was 5 that is finally attainable, since its my first vette ever I think I am doing the kid in a candy store thing at the moment. Thanks for everyones input.
                            2LT. Z51 GT1 seats with black wheels is around $73K. +TTT with doc fee . - trade.
                            C8. 2LT Z51. Order status 2000.


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                              As an example...look at these wheels that cost anout the same as your black trident wheels...

                              which would you rather have on your mew corvette...let see if the photos pop up...

                              trust me the fun is in customizing your car over the period of ownership.

                              acs does a,azing carbon fiber interior and exterior pieces tjat you are going to want as well...

                              paint the brake calibers yourself in an hour ...

                              forgive me but I dont get the whole colored seatbelt thing for 400 dollars or four dollars...jejeje...sorry its just an opinion..

                              Originally posted by [email protected]

                              Guys we are extremely happy to announce that our Flow Forged M755 wheel model will be available for the new 2020 Corvette C8 model, We have been working extremely hard with various industry partners and customer's in obtaining proper wheel fitment requirements, So a huge thank you to all of you which has allowed us to move forward with our project.

                              Our first initial offer will be wheels to accommodate your factory set up which will allow to use your current factory tires

                              Wheel Brand
                              MRR Wheels Inc

                              Wheel Model

                              Flow Forged

                              Wheel Specs / weight
                              19x8.5 5x120 Front 23.4lb each Hub centric
                              20x11 5x120 Rear 26.9lb each Hub centric

                              Standard Finish
                              Gloss Black
                              ** Custom finishes available **

                              How to Pre order?

                              Huge thanks to Monaco Auto Design for the renders

                              Last edited by JB; 09-04-2019, 07:17 AM.
                              Torch Red exterior/ black interior z51 FE4 1LT (only two options)


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                                I look at these wheels and then I look at the optional gm oem wheels and i think i would order standard wheels on the c8 ...and then decide which type of aftermarket wheels i want...

                                the preorder pricing on these wheels is insane....why do you want black trident wheels again?

                                the only question tomask yourself is do you want stock sizing? Or larger?

                                if you are ordering the c8...and want some really uniquely styled oem sized these guys...

                                the pricing is excellent..

                                wait until you see what comes out in custom interior accessories with carbon fiber...

                                Think of your new c8 as the foundational canvas for your personalization after you get the car...

                                get the basics right...z51 fe4 2LT and as long as you dont want to lower the corvette get the E60...

                                seems right now if you order the front end lift system E60 you cant as easily drop the front end...

                                personally I think that someone will probably come out with a shorter front spring to fit the E60 system but dont quote me on that..

                                JMO and good luck deciding what to do.
                                Torch Red exterior/ black interior z51 FE4 1LT (only two options)