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CORVETTE TODAY #109 - Corvette News & Headlines, Mid-May 2022

Join your CORVETTE TODAY host, Steve Garrett and Keith Cornett from and they discuss what’s happening with America’s Sports Car.;
1. Hard Top Convertibles now account for 48% of Corvette orders
2. Here are the most popular Corvette colors of 2022
3. 70th anniversary models delayed because of wheel constraints
4. Export versions of the C8 Z06 with corner mounted exhaust will be exported
5. The 2023 Stingray/Z06 Owner’s Manual available for download
6. The 2023 C8 Z06 is the official Pace Car for the Indianapolis 500
7. Corvette Racing’s drivers take a C8 Stingray on the track at Spring Mountain
8. Corvette Hall Of Fame inductees announced
9. Corvette is the AutoCar 2022 Dream Car of the Year

CORVETTE TODAY is the best way to stay current on what’s happening with Corvette! Don’t miss this episode…..

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2023 Corvette Info Including SR Pricing, SR 2023 Visualizer, 70th Anniversary SR/Z06 Press Release; The C8 Z06 Press Release, Order Guide & Its Visualizer Link

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Guess the 2020 c8 production number?

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  • Guess the 2020 c8 production number?

    I could be off a few weeks etc but heres my guess.

    does this sound reasonable? What prodcution number sounds about right to you?

    Full production I believe is 11.3 per hour and two shifts (8 hours each.) should be multiplied by the number of days of production from january to the end of the august.

    id guess 80 hours a week for 37 weeks..

    900 a week fir 37 weeks should equal around 33,000 2020 c8 corvettes as an estimate.

    unless of course they work saturday and sundays or run production through the month of september.
    under 25k units for 2020
    Under 30k units for 2020
    Under 35k units for 2020
    Under 40k units for 2020
    Under 45k units for 2020
    You are all wrong..its under 20k units for the 2020 model year

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    Anybody think the bowling green plant will operate and produce on weekends too?

    strike while the irons hot so to speak?

    a double shift on weekends would deliver an extra 360 cars a week ...?

    offering around 46k units for 2020 model year..

    no way GM could prodice that many in 8 or 9 months of double shift. And weekend production...

    the workers would collapse under such pressure I think..
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      Good question. Tough, cause its a prediction. Need more info before I vote. Does the second production line mean more units can be built than in the past?


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        Do this more info help, that the end of the 2020 model year will occur around the end of August?

        Once full rate once ramp up is completed, the scheduled production rate is 11.6 units/hour.
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          Short year from a late start. End of production August 2020. 11.6 C8s per hour sounds fine with me. Take your time!

          Still doesn't allow me to accurately estimate production amounts. Demand/Supply? Variables? Who knows? Bet GM has got much of it figured out.
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            I heard their planned production for the 2020 C8 was 32,000. This includes second shift and overtime. GM did increase production staff by 400. I also read the C8 L2 engine production was max at 40,000.
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              Originally posted by JB View Post
              Anybody think the bowling green plant will operate and produce on weekends too?

              strike while the irons hot so to speak?

              a double shift on weekends would deliver an extra 360 cars a week ...?

              offering around 46k units for 2020 model year..

              no way GM could prodice that many in 8 or 9 months of double shift. And weekend production...

              the workers would collapse under such pressure I think..
              In order for the plant to operate 2nd shift and weekends, the suppliers would need to keep up and meet quality standards. We already have 1 instance of this not happening

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                The carbon fiber 4800 dollar option?

                options may unfortunately run out but the basic items of the c8 should be in good supply..

                how many corvette owners optimg for a near five grand carbon ground effects type package greatly exceeded projections...

                thats 8 percent of the base price of the vehicle and i dont think anybody at corvette marketing wanted to go long on projections of such a pricey item.

                i know myself even as a multi millionaire looked at the price of that option and was like not even a second would I drop that kind of coin on it...

                turns out many corvette owners never consider price of what they want for their corvette and I totally respect say corvette marketing was shocked because more corvette owners were thought to be more like me...

                my focus is performance options and Im out...not that I cant afford it...its just how I purchase for myself...

                for my son and my wife...its whatever they want or need...especially for my wife...but for me...its a way of life to prioritize my desires and act accordingly...

                i think corvette marketing was caught surprised at how many c8 consumers treat themselves so good...

                but dont vendor ASC will meet carbon fiber packages needs at probably better quality and or better pricing soon enough...

                i think the other vendors are chomping at the bit to produce enough parts to meet the corvette teams expectations and projections....

                the strike surprised many of us yet i think the vendors with less risky items were producing good supply...

                the demand on the five grand carbon ground effects package from the factory surprised many of us..



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                  latest calculations are coming in around 24k units for 2020...

                  we shall see..


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                    Given the hold in production due to the virus, the fact GM said no more 2020 orders, given how many cars that have been produced to date, with all the experts with crystals ***** and lots of time on their hands, you ought to re-poll everyone and see how many 2020 units will be produced. I suspect it will be far less than the 25k units in the current poll, the question is how many less???


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                      My guess 8700 total 2020. Bigger question is how will they handle unfilled orders 1100 and beyond. As i understand it, will be up to each individual dealership.
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                        My crystal***** say 15k units if production starts now.

                        subtract 1K units for each following week production is halted.

                        Nobody knows we all full of guesses and thats about it.

                        happy quarantine! day 7 million and 21...


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                          As of yesterday the total number of C8s produced is reported at 2700


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                            Yep a uaw strike and now a world wide pandemic shutting down the world...

                            none of us know ...when production restarts. The supply chain is shut down...kentucky governor has shut down the state...

                            too many variables.

                            the only thing we know is maximum production capability with two shifts is almost a thousand cars a week..

                            will there be one or two shifts? Will there be any shifts? Will the supplier network be capable to deliver parts?

                            these are too big a question for us to make a logical assumption.

                            lets just hope for the best and accept what comes our way in terms of delivery on our c8s.

                            stay well my friends...our health and the health of our loved ones matter most in life.


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                              I think ya’ll are way high in your predictions. I don’t believe the team will have to climb the learning curve again as will the suppliers. I’m going with way under 10k for the year, I’ll pick 8,000
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