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Corvette Today Podcast: TONS OF NEWS THIS WEEK

We've been doing Corvette news & headlines podcasts on CORVETTE TODAY since September 2020. I don't remember ever doing a news & headlines podcast with this much critical information packed into one podcast! This is a "must listen" to podcast. Here are a few of the topics covered in this episode....

1. Chevrolet confirms the introduction this Fall of the 2023 C8 Z06 with a new video release-and it sounds like a Ferrari
2. Corvette dominates sales in Q2 2021
3. Chevy dealerships have received their first 2022 C8 allocations
4. Callaway looks ahead to 2022 and the Callaway C8 Corvette
5. Right-hand drive C8 is revealed at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK
6. New GT-3 spec C8.R expected in 2024
7. California will start failing cars with tuned ECU’s during smog checks
8. The National Corvette Museum delivers their 14,000th Corvette
9. A couple exchanges wedding vows before taking delivery of their C8 at the NCM
10. "Life in the Fast Lane" by The Eagles is a story of cocaine and a fast Corvette
11. Sigala Designs shows off a completed widebody kit for the C8
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What's your 'wish list'.... Things that aren't offered on the new c8

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  • What's your 'wish list'.... Things that aren't offered on the new c8

    Overall I'm really pleased and excited over the many ways that the factory will 'customize' the new C8 to meet individual tastes by selecting from the long list of options. With that said, there always seem to be a few things that I'd like to see that just aren't available from the factory. I guess I understand the necessity to 'manage' the options to simplify manufacturability, but here goes with my short 'wish list'. What's yours???


    -First, I'd like to see a bit more flexibility with interior color and the various trim items. Most important to me would be RED stitching on the LIGHT TAN (dipped) interior. If they were to go that far, how about making it available with GRAY leather too. There are a lot of possibilities here.

    -Second, how about the carpeting.... BLACK, RED, BLUE, TAN. etc.... I'm guessing that you can see where I'm going here.

    -Third, a steering wheel that matches the leather on the seats would be GREAT. I'm not that fond of BLACK. The above items are one of the many things that make our Ferrari so special (and they sure know to price those custom items) While on the subject of the steering wheel, I'd like to see the 'suede' (or whatever it is) available without having to order the fabric (aka Velcro) seats.


    -I would like to have the flexibility to pick what trim pieces I wanted to be 'body colored' (ie: the big side vent, versus the air extractors in back, etc).

    -It would be great to be able to get any of the 'wheels' from the factory instead of dealing with a 'second' set later at the dealer.

    -Make ALL wings optional (or have a 'wing delete' option with the Z51)

    Okay, now it's your turn. Who knows, maybe someone at GM will pick up some items and put 'em on the list of options...

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    I understand there is a "curb view" camera, and of course, a rear camera, but have not heard anything about additional side cameras that could be stitched together to allow a 360 view for parking. That feature is extremely helpful!


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      600 horse would have been nice!! The big boys are coming though.


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        I would have loved to be able to add the front splitter without the rear wing. I think the wing is hideous and I avoided the z51 package entire because of it but I like the splitter on front with the z51.

        I second your comment about the wheels, I would have purchased the black trident if it wasn’t for that silly “accessory” stuff.


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          1. NA FPC DOHC V8
          2. Row, row, row your boat
          3. Slotted/cross drilled rotors ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (no real reason, just look snazzy)
          4. Slightly less Camaro rumper on the update (I truly didn't see it until a side 3/4 view from the actual car the other day at a certain angle. I can't unsee it now. I think it's more pronounced with the wingless base cars, just IMO)


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            Adaptive cruise control


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              Originally posted by Dumbell2 View Post
              Adaptive cruise control
              With Pre-collision braking per our Audi S8 & Q7


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                I'd like wing delete with Z51 option.
                I'd also like a Grand Sport option early on.
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                  good question toold2race, I second a lot of your thoughts, I would add:

                  -two tone GT1 seat option
                  -AC seats, not just ventilated

                  -the carbon fiber ground effects kit made from fiberglass or other less expensive material
                  -a symmetrical (smooth curved) front splitter


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                    Also, option for dipped torch red interior.


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                      Millennium or Velocity Yellow. More of an ala carte menu for stand alone options


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                        I would have liked to see more individual options available on 1LT, like maybe the HUD or front lift. I get that they're steering people to 2LT and 3LT packages, but still it's a wish when there's other stuff in those packages you don't really need or care about.
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                          Whenever I start feeling unhappy about Corvette option pricing, I head over to the Porsche site and check their option pricing and all of a sudden I don't feel so bad anymore


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                            I would like front and rear parking sensors. The cameras are great but the “beep, beep” is even better.


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                              Be able to have body color mirrors with a black spoiler.