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This is a Stretch but...

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  • This is a Stretch but...

    Has anyone else paid close attention to these paint sample models? They look like wide-bodies...perhaps molded from the ZO6? The difference is subtle but it’s there. Also, I think that will be true for the Z06. I don’t think it’s body proportions will differentiate as much as the C6 and C7 did vs the C6 and C7 base cars

    Click image for larger version

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    They look like candy!


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      ... ya I think that's a stretch.
      But seriously, how much wider will they/can they go? The rubber on the C8 is already the same size found on the Ferrari 488/F8 Tributo and the Lamborghin Huracan.
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        Ahh but Aventador......255F.....355R...... 👍
        Black over Sky Cool Gray.....2LT.....Z51.....FE4.....E60.....


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          Originally posted by Meldoon View Post
          Ahh but Aventador......255F.....355R...... 👍
          Don’t forget LaFerrari, P1 and 918.


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            Originally posted by Meldoon View Post
            Ahh but Aventador......255F.....355R...... 👍
            But the Aventador has 12 cylinder motor and weights about 500 pounds more.

            Comparison tire width of most ME’s.

            This leads us back to the question as to whether the entry 2020 ME will be the same body width as the 2021+ higher powered models?

            We know that next year’s entry ME will have a 245 front tire.

            One major factor that would tend to result in an answer to that conclusion that there will only be one width to the ME regardless of its later having a higher powered version, is that front wheel width on almost all ME’s (12 cylinder exotics and some supercars excepted), stick with a 245 width front tire — in fact some having only a 235 front tire.

            Here are some other ME tire sizes:

            NOTE:Every 2019 Corvette, regardless of “entry” or ZR1, runs 19” F/20” R wheel:

            Tire Size /Wheel Diameter for Common ME’s (F/R)

            Audi R8: 235/35/R19; 295/30/R19

            Audi R8/V10: 245/35/R19; 295/30/R19 [Opt. R = 305/30R20]

            Ferrari 488 GTB: 245/35R20; 305R30/R20

            Ferrari Pista: Same as above Ferrari.

            Ford GT: 245/35/R20; 325/30/R20

            Lambo Huracan: 245/30/R20; 305/30/R20

            McLaren 570: 225/35/R19; 285/35/R20

            McLaren 650: 235/35/R19; 305/30/R19

            McLaren 720: 245/35/R19; 305/30/R20

            Porsche GT3: 245/35/R20; 305/30/R20

            Porsche 911S: 245/35/R20; 305/30/R20 (2019 version)
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