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    Looking at the "unofficial specs" it shows the leg room at 42.8 yet the C7 has 43. I would have thought more leg room since there is no engine in front. Anyone else find this odd?

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    Not particularly. C7 is front mid engine, small rear overhang. C8 is mid-engine, small front overhang. Only 0.2 inch difference. I suppose they could have made the frunk ever so slightly smaller, or the front overhang ever so slightly larger. But no, overall, not odd. Characteristic of a mid-engine vehicle is the small front overhang for great turn in and visibility. I wouldn't want to sacrifice that for more leg room. Also, I believe a goal of the C8 design was the have the center of rotation be around the driver, so probably has to deal with that also.


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      Also keep in mind that the C8 seats have more rearward movement and more recline than the C7.


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        I suppose but it seems to get a little smaller each model. Ok for me (5'4") but my husband is 6'3" and gets a little harder to get in each one. Also, lost 3.2 cu ft of storage. I understand the need to see over the hood, which has always been an issue for me since my C3, but I just wish there were a way to give a little more. "If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride" right?


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          Originally posted by Denyce View Post
          Also, lost 3.2 cu ft of storage
          According to Tadge at C at C if you used water to measure instead of the standard blocks that the automotive industry uses as a standard measurement the C8 has as much volume as the C7.

          I think what Tadge and team have done is out of this world! The C8 is freaking amazing...3 second mid engine rocket for 60k... Come on.

          Industry changer!
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