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Corvette Today Podcast: TONS OF NEWS THIS WEEK

We've been doing Corvette news & headlines podcasts on CORVETTE TODAY since September 2020. I don't remember ever doing a news & headlines podcast with this much critical information packed into one podcast! This is a "must listen" to podcast. Here are a few of the topics covered in this episode....

1. Chevrolet confirms the introduction this Fall of the 2023 C8 Z06 with a new video release-and it sounds like a Ferrari
2. Corvette dominates sales in Q2 2021
3. Chevy dealerships have received their first 2022 C8 allocations
4. Callaway looks ahead to 2022 and the Callaway C8 Corvette
5. Right-hand drive C8 is revealed at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK
6. New GT-3 spec C8.R expected in 2024
7. California will start failing cars with tuned ECU’s during smog checks
8. The National Corvette Museum delivers their 14,000th Corvette
9. A couple exchanges wedding vows before taking delivery of their C8 at the NCM
10. "Life in the Fast Lane" by The Eagles is a story of cocaine and a fast Corvette
11. Sigala Designs shows off a completed widebody kit for the C8
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Blendmount and Radar Detector

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  • Blendmount and Radar Detector

    My c5s, C6s, and C7s all used the Blendmount Radar Detector mount with a Valentine One Radar Detector.

    Power was from tapping into the wiring on the Rear View Mirror.

    Can this setup also work in the C8?

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    At this point, we don't even know if there's a 12 volt source to the mirror. There probably is, but until cars get into owners' hands we can't even guess.
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      I had the same question about using the valentine one or escort with regards to the blendmount from my exosting corvette and of course can we power it from the mirror.

      i dont speed a lot but i do enjoy my radar detector to remind me not to speed.

      keeps me law abiding by reminding me...there are police in the area working to keep us safe.


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        Thanks for the responses. I agree that this info is not a priority. Hopefully information like this can be collected and saved.


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          I guess we will be buying a new Blendmount. It would be so nice to have a place to plug into behind the mirror. Blendmount gives good directions for installing but the C7 was a pita to get back there for this 70 yr. old. Wife said don't speed and you don't need one.


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            I have been using Valentine One for nearly 20 years. When the laws changed saying you could not install anything on your windshield, I found that mine fit on my visor. I put a folded washcloth between the visor and the roof to keep the Valentine One parallel to the ground. It requires a 12-volt auxiliary plug.

            Now for the C-8, I do not know how it will work. Maybe it will be the Blenmount. Thanks for bringing up this topic.


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              I used a 3M adhesive mount bracket to the upper windshield in the C7 because I wanted the detector up and out of my field of vision. Works great including a tap to the rear view for power. Have not tried to take it off yet.
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                Now that cars are shipping would like to restart the dialog.

                went to Blendmount website and signed up for notification of a C8 mount.


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                  Ralph, you know I rarely exceed the lawful speed limits. On those rare occasions I do get stopped, the Police always treat me very nicely. Never felt the need for any devices to detect the Police doing their jobs 😁


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                    Have you guys seen the new Valentine One, Gen. 2, that came out this past week? $499.00. Not on the website yet. Been reading about it on Radar Detector Forum.


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                      I pretty much keep my valintine one on as it reminds me to stay at or near the changing speed limits.

                      68Roadster if you when available a photo of what youve done in your c7 that would be appreciated...same for the c8.

                      i already took apart my suction cup holder to make the blend mount work in my c6...

                      i am not sure I still have a way to mount the valentine one I own to the c8...without the blend mount....

                      i may take this one off as I sell the c6 and see if I can make it work in the c8...


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                        Originally posted by capevettes View Post
                        Ralph, you know I rarely exceed the lawful speed limits. On those rare occasions I do get stopped, the Police always treat me very nicely. Never felt the need for any devices to detect the Police doing their jobs 😁

                        Most of us don’t have a “Get out of Jail Free” card in our back pocket.