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My Corvette Concierge Questions....

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  • My Corvette Concierge Questions....

    While I am waiting weeks for the Corvette Concierge Team to call me back, I thought Id post these questions on this forum just to see if people had answers to some of these Questions... Here goes Thanks for any input this forum has been crucial in helping me understand stuff.

    1)What code for this custom combination interior? Black seats, adrenaline red(dash/console) red stitching(see attached), how much does this cost on the 3LT? I believe red stiching on black leather requires 3LT?
    2)Car Cover - does it have padding or is it just a vinyl cover? I have kids with bikes and toys!
    3)Z51 package - Im 50/50. Not going to track the car, but I like performance feel when I drive. Need to see a C8 in torch red with no spoiler, Do bigger brakes mean the pads need to be changed more often/extra brake dust? Does ELSP diff and spoiler help in wet road conditions or my poor driving?, Performance exhaust worth it, aka does base still have engine/muffler noise I love?
    4) Transparent roof avialble seperately at dealership in the future?
    5) Carbon fiber Engine inserts available at a later date in future?
    5) Do my black trident dealer accesory wheels also come with standard wheels? Can I get those at a later date for same price(2695) so i have an extra set of wheels?
    6) Does the Z51 have different base ground effects than the base model? Seems like this is the case?

    Thats all I can think of now...Thanks in advance!
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    I am sure most of what you are asking will be avalable at your dealer through their parts dept.


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      Many of your questions we just don't know yet, but going off the C7:

      3. On the C7, The Z51 pads make a LOT more dust. And since they're softer, they wear faster, but unless you're on a track I don't think they wear fast enough to worry about. Is this something GM changed on the C8? No way to know yet.

      Downforce in wet weather? Yeah, more downforce will mean more traction, but we don't know yet how much downforce it makes at road speeds. We can assume the 400 lbs GM talks about is at or near top speed. I wouldn't count on it, or the eLSD, to save your bacon if you get stupid on wet roads. GM's stability control system, OTOH, works extremely well, on either the base or Z51. If you go into a 30 mph curve at 90, it can't cure stupid, but in more realistic scenarios Stabilitrak CAN save your bacon.

      On the C7, the base exhaust is a LOT quieter than the performance exhaust in Sport or Track. We don't really know about the C8 yet.

      5. The accessory wheels are shipped separately to the dealer. It would be hard to load the car onto and off of the transporter without wheels so yes, it comes with a standard set of wheels and tires mounted on the car.

      6 The Z51 has a standard front splitter and the rear spoiler. Other than that, we haven't heard about any differences in the aero.

      You will probably be able to order the wheels, roof, and carbon fiber pieces later from the parts department. I suspect most of them will cost more that way, but I'm just guessing. Also no way to know how long before the are available. All production of those will likely be dedicated to the assembly plant for the time being.
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        I can try to help...

        2- totally relate LOL! Me too! 6 and 9, girls though but still destructive. There are LOTS of different car covers that are simply not available yet.

        4- Should be available on eventually even feeBay, but price won't be much different. It's seriously worth the C2Q option. You keep your original roof and you get the transparent roof right away with the car. You can buy it later if you want, but I seriously question availability so C2Q is worth it, and I'm frugal.

        Hope that helps as meyerweb stated a lot can't be answered yet.

        It takes a long time as they are backlogged there at concierge. They finally emailed me about a month after I asked if there was a high wing out there, and if I could see a yellow pre-production car. No and no.

        I've found that calling is kind of a waste of time at least in my experience.
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          Thanks for the info meyerweb, and you have the "honor" of receiving my first post here on MECF. Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.
          My current sporty cars include a 2013 Porsche Carerra 991, and a 2011 Miata Touring Power Hardtop, love both of them. Neither have any safety assists such as Lane Change Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, Auto Emergency Braking, Rear Collision Warning, etc., and that is fine with me. But two other vehicle do have these tools, and frankly do "assist" in some situations on today's crowded/distracted roads/drivers. I am thinking of adding a C8 to the fleet, and would be ok if any or all of these were included on the C8.

          So my question is: Which if any of these assists are standard or available on the C8? Any help you can be is very much appreciated, thanks!


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            The C8 in 1LT trim has something called rear parking assist, but I'm not sure exactly what that is.

            The 2LT and 3LT have blind spot warning, rear cross traffic warning, as well as the rear parking assist. None have adaptive cruise control. Depends on what you mean by "automatic emergency braking." If you mean the system will automatically apply the brakes as hard as possible when detecting very hard braking, Yes. If you meant it detects that you're about to run into something, no.

            The Corvette Dealer materials will answer a lot of questions for you:

            Delivered 5/29!: Scarlet Fever 2021 2LT HTC, Red Mist Metallic Tintcoat, two-tone Naturalw/ suede inserts, Mag Ride, Performance Exhaust, MRR 755 Gunmetal wheels

            Proud member of the Old Dominion Corvette Club:

            Never grow up - It's a trap.


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              Thanks! Exactly what I was looking for.


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                You guys are great on this forum. Thanks so much for giving it your best shot on my questions!!!