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5-spoke trident black wheel

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    Originally posted by JB View Post

    i think its the lugnut spacing or the size of the bolt ...

    i always thought it was fun we could put oem c7 rims on c6 s etc...

    thats all coming to an end with the c8.
    Assuming the bolt circle is the same, it should to be possible to bore out the lug holes (and center bore if necessary) on some rims. My son had the center bores enlarged on a set of wheels so he could fit a set of WRX rims he got real cheap on another car, and I've known of people who did it with the lug holes. The lugs are only 2mm larger (14mm instead of 12), so as long as there's enough space for the lug nuts around the holes it shouldn't be a problem. Just make sure you find a good machine shop who can properly center the bores.
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      We do not also know wheel offsets yet. If C8’s are too different, especially with brand new brakes, that could be a total deal breaker.
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        Im sure some inventive young men will post up their success or failure fitting c7 rims on the c8...

        i dont know if Im as adventurous as others....but Im sure some wanna be vendor will if possible do the alterations to the take off c7 rims if they can work and sell them ..(maybe with spacers?)

        i have a feeling as I possibly mention this to my trusted corvette mechanic who is always looking out for me...he will tell my why this may not be the best path to take,.

        good information though

        I usually bought take off rims through the years as the potholes sometimes made the wheels impossible for wheel repair businesses to fix...

        nice guys, very competent...and very patient...i just remember my high polished gumby rims on my c6 they couldnt get right I just bought new c7 z51 rims..

        to this day they look bad @$$!

        Thanks for the heads up guys...we will know more information soon on so many aspects of the c8...
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