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CORVETTE TODAY #80 - Meet Famed Corvette Race Car Driver, Andy Pilgrim

If you're a fan of Corvette Racing, you'll absolutely love this podcast! Your CORVETTE TODAY host, Steve Garrett, sits down with famed Corvette Racing driver, Andy Pilgrim, to discuss his illustrious career. Andy takes you back to his days in Great Britain, where he started racing motorcycles. He tells you how he got to the United States and how he got invited to be a part of the Corvette Racing team. Pilgrim talks about his 20+ years racing, his time at Le Mans and much more.

Also find out what andy is doing today along with his association with the National Corvette Museum and the Motorsports Park.
It's an fascinating listen about one of the drivers who helped kick on Corvette Racing on the CORVETTE TODAY podcast!

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The Official GM Z06 Press Release Will Be Here Tuesday @ 12:01 Pm (ET)

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  • C8 Deposit Fever

    Hello my fellow Corvette colleagues! I’ve currently got a Laguna Blue 2014 C7 Stingray with an Edelbrock E-Force supercharger and the dealer installed T1 suspension that I love and will keep forever. But like the rest of you, I’ve had a serious case of C8 fever for about 2 years now and I just can’t shake it. So last Thursday (7/18) I went to our local Chevy dealer (Connell) here in Orange County because they had the C8 there as part of its country wide tour, and I had been talking to our salesman there for months about getting one (we have a good relationship, I trust him). He said they received a total allocation of 93 C8s, and he guaranteed me one at list price (that’s how they will be selling them all, list price). So I put my $1,000 deposit down and became #2 on their list of 93. When I’ll be able to start next steps, etc. is anyone’s guess, but I have faith that sometime in 2020 I’ll get my C8. I’ve actually already received follow-up calls from my salesman thanking me and letting me know he’ll keep me posted on when I’ll be able to put my order in, he’s been very responsive, and that inspires confidence!

    Now to the slightly darker side of the C8 deposit process. They started taking deposits around 10:30 and by noon, literally, they were sold out of their allocation (they posted those words, “Sold Out”, on their big screen TVs). People went wild when they sold out, several were yelling at the dealership owner things like “I was here before that guy and I should be getting one of the allocated ‘Vettes”! I truly thought there might be fist fights breaking out, it was that crazy. I’ve never known a car to generate the kinds of emotions I’ve seen the C8 generate. I guess that speaks to the intense passion of Corvette owners, the good side and the not so good side of those passions.....

    Anyway, it was a beautiful car in person, my wife and I both sat in the passenger and driver’s seats and loved it. It’s astounding to me that Chevy built a car of that quality for the selling price, it’s truly a game changer. And the people there....I saw Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Mercedes AMGs, Mustangs, and Hellcats in the parking lot!

    So as we know it will be at least 45 days or so till we can actually spec/order the car, so we have lots of things to think through. It will be her car (really), so she gets color choices on it, and I’m helping with the technical specs. It will for sure be a Z51, 2LT package, MRC shocks and GT2 seats because she wants them two tone. Past that it really depends on the cost of the options, which again we don’t know yet. I’m guessing (big time guessing) $5k for Z51, $5k for the 2LT, and $5k for the MRC/GT2 seats combo.

    And a big shout out to Docprego! He was there while I was waiting in line to sit in the driver’s seat, and I noticed him measuring pretty much everything! I personally can’t wait to see Chevy’s formal specs on the car myself (like, will it fit in my garage?).

    As always thanks for reading and I would love to hear other people’s experiences with C8 Deposit Fever!

    Steve, AKA Guitar Man

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    Well I couldn’t figure out how to insert this in the original text, so here you go!
    We all know it’s not sold out, but it seems the dealer’s allocation was gone.

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      I was there as well. I missed the yelling part. I may have been in the conference room filling out the deposit paperwork at that time. I was surprised at how fast the allocation was used up.


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        It was clear they were working hard and fast to diffuse it, shut it down. But I was taken aback that it happened at all! And good luck with your allocation, we both still have a long road I guess, but at least we’re on the C8 highway....


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          Was that 93 for the first allocation(ie: First 3 months) or for the year?

          I wasn’t there but my dad went and he said it was a mad house. He was shocked how many people were lining up to put the deposit down.


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            That was for the year. They are one of the few California dealers doing MSRP, so that drew them in.