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Buyers Tour closed

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  • Buyers Tour closed

    **The Corvette Buyers Tour is temporarily unavailable. Tours of the Bowling Green Assembly Plant are closed and a date of reopening has not been determined. Please subscribe to NCM eNews for future updates.**

    I am guessing this is because they are converting the factory for C8 production. Does anyone have information, or confirmation that the buyers tour will be available when they begin production?
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    That is a good question. I knew that they had closed the tours due to C8 production , I would have assumed that they would have reopened , unless they are concealing the Convertibles and possibly a Grand Sport or ZO6 for next year, 2021. Which, would make sense. I am sure GM wants everyone to focus on purchasing a base Stingray for now and not delay buying a C8 with plans to purchase a future higher performance car. Which some of us will do, even if we purchase a 2020.


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      I asked that the question of Kai Spande BGA Plant Manager at April’s Bash. He said that they will be resuming, but as of yet the time is not determined.
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