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  • C8 engine vents

    I went to Kerbeck's revealing of the C8 and noticed that on each side of the window over the engine has open vents to let the heat out I imagine. My question is what happens in a down pour? Click image for larger version

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    Water gets in, and drains out the bottom. What happens when you drive your FE vette in the rain? Water comes in through the radiator inlet, no?
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      I cant wait for a heavy snow to take photos ...should be a hoot...

      LS motors loved cold brisk mornings pulling out of the garage and pulling off...

      I drive around the lake every morning or every other morning and the frozen lake views are spectacular...

      i look forward to doing so in the corvette c8...

      ill keep you guys updated where the snow packs into all the scoops and vents...

      should make for a fun youtube video if I had a camera...

      ill just ise my phone for stills and post up here...

      no worries on my part.