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    Originally posted by C8Driving View Post
    Teamzr1 I appreciate your detailed knowledge.
    Glad you like the techie content

    Those going with a full wing for performance here is how like my rear wing just by changing the wing angle changes as to how much downforce applied
    and why it would be good for C8 if they are mounting that wing directly to frame so downforce is applied where needed most.

    Click image for larger version

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    Corvettes owned and raced since 1975:
    1974,75,77,84,87,89,93,94 ZR-1 & 1999 Mallett 435


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      In case anyone is interested this is called a "Topside Creeper", and is available from Amazon. Although the legs might be too high for the C8's clearance.


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        Teamzr1 Thank you for the pictures of your awesome racer and sharing your knowledge.

        The only issues with any of the wings or spoilers are that they are mounted on the car body, not the rear trunk lid, like is done on some other high performance cars. This means that you must lift any cargo, golf clubs, roof panel, etc, over the wing or spoiler to put the cargo in the rear trunk. We are fortunate in that we have two trunks with ample cargo space.


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          Your Welcome MReid

          I understand what might be issues for some putting something in that small area of storage in back but for most of us who installed a wing was to
          haul *** and can care less about storing golf clubs :-(
          Doubt someone racing would want the weight in storage area.

          Heck I might have turned on the radio or HVAC couple times in 30 plus years of my Corvettes as more interested in proving the performance it has
          and less about cruising in the right lane :-)

          On another note is what the temperature of storage area near engine and any smells ?
          Corvettes owned and raced since 1975:
          1974,75,77,84,87,89,93,94 ZR-1 & 1999 Mallett 435