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No chrome wheels (Jalopnik)

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  • No chrome wheels (Jalopnik)

    Sort of amusing. The article comments are interesting, too.

    In Desperate Attempt To Get Buyers Below Retirement Age, C8 Corvette Ditches Chrome Wheels

    For as long as I can remember, you could always get your Chevrolet Corvettewith a set of chrome wheels. Always. Everyone was so focused on whether or not they could that no one stopped to ask if they should. (The answer to that is nobody should.) With the new, C8 Corvette, they are no longer an option. Thank God.

    While perusing the new Corvette’s option sheet yesterday, Car and Drivernoticed a glaring omission, both figuratively and literally: The chrome wheel option was missing.

    Tadge Juechter, the Corvette’s head engineer, confirmed the news.
    News that the Chevrolet C8 Corvette’s wheels were going no-mo-chromatic was confirmed to us by head engineer Tadge Juechter, who flatly told us during a discussion of the mid-engined Vette’s wheels that there will be “no chrome available.” The new Corvette’s shiniest wheel option will be a “polished” rim design.

    It’s no secret the chromies were a particular fan favorite of the, uh, geriatric crowd. Chromies that could blind people aboard the International Space Station or thereabouts if the sun hit them right. Chromies that went with white New Balance sneakers like peanut butter and jelly.

    Chevrolet is aggressively distancing itself from the aging Corvette fanbase, this much is clear. It moved the engine. It won’t make a manual. And now, it’s even taken away the chrome.
    I did see a comment from a Corvette owner on one of the other forums that said If GM wasn't going to offer him chrome wheels, they weren't going to get HIS $100,000!
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    The C8 has a more Euro look than previous generations. You just do not see Chrome wheels on European cars .


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      If they want chrome wheels that bad, why don't they buy some aftermarket ones?


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        I've never had chrome wheels on any of my cars and wasn't interested in them when shopping around for my used C6. But due to one thing and another I ended up with them, and you know, the striking contrast when set against the deep black paint made them look kinda cool.

        Maybe I should start shopping for white sneakers.

        (Note: Just so we're clear, I'm getting the Spectra Gray Trident wheels with the C8)


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          One day those young *******s are going to be sixty and then they will be saying...”hey Im not old and dying off”

          gm sells hundreds of thousands of corvettes over the years of just this past decade....

          the writer is too stupid to realize that once a 30 something buyer buys and owns a corvette they are extremely loyal for their future of course the ownership base is aging...

          the reality isnt that only old guys are going to buy corvettes...but rather owner loyalty makes all those who are thirty somethings buy corvettes...they are so loyal they continue to buy corvettes until the day they die....

          unless you can prove that 1970 corvettes were only bought and owned by 30 year olds and as they die off no one has ever replaced them...

          there are more and more 30 somethings who have the coin are jumping in to buy corvettes...

          now corvettes are challenging euro exotics on levels in addition to total performance...

          plenty of euro exotic owners will buy c8 s to daily and track....and keep their beloved artwork in the garage to be admired and driven 2000 miles a year...

          porsche owners who have had enough with porsche robbing them....might make the switch..

          mclaren owners who want to drive on the track who if they do with their mclaren they lose their warranty which is scary in a mclaren...