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    I didn't know this until today. I thought a CHEVROLET dealer could order/sell Corvettes just like any other model.A dealer guy told me today that that wasn't the case anymore. The dealers must agree to having "certified" techs and be in "the program" to sell new ones. Used sales were okay. He also said ( this is a small dealer maybe 5 a year) that they could order what ever they wanted. Is that the case anyone? I thought the bigger you were the more you got there for small dealers had to wait.

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    WWR, you heard some accurate facts, yet some things were left out of what was shared with you.

    GM will works on an allocation system for Corvettes based on the general concept, “the more you turn, the more you earn,” e.g., rewarding those dealers who had, in the previous model year, sold the most Corvettes. However now, toward the end of a generation, for non-limited-supply Corvettes, such as SR’s, GS’s and Z06’s, GM is going to fill every order a dealer submits. Why? Because Corvette sales are down 25.2% year over year within the U.S., and 52% YoY in Canada from one year ago.

    As to the very limited supply ZR1’s, just 192/month are being produced, and its allocation is still 100% based on the number of Z06’s a dealer sold in the “reference sales year,”, e.g., December 1, 2016 though November 30, 2017.

    What will happen next year is that, as if also typical of a new Corvette generation, demand will be greater than supply, so for the 2020 ME Corvette, there will be strict GM allocation to each dealer based on 2019 Corvettes sales, with again, the more Corvettes a dealership sold during the 2019 model year, the greater their 2020 ME allocation will be.

    You were correctly told that to sell new Corvettes, a dealership needs to have a certified Tech, and more. For example, for the 2014 first year of the C7, dealerships not only had to have certified Tech, had to also buy those required C7-specific servicing tools, and also had to send two of its sales staff to attend the Spring Mountain training program (which nicely included drive time in a C7 on their tracks, in addition to the classroom training time). It is expected that similarly, for next year’s ME specific sales, Tech/ tools/training and other requirements will be in place next year.
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