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Corvette Today’s News That “Corvette Fever” Returns

Corvette Fever magazine has not been published for a while. But Alan Colvin, a walking encyclopedia of GM cars as well as Corvette, has purchased the rights to Corvette Fever and has revived this publication! Your CORVETTE TODAY host, Steve Garrett, visits with Alan to talk about the books he's written on Corvette and other GM products, his history with the old Corvette Fever magazine and how he plans to revive the publication. Plus, listen to this podcast and register to win one of 3-two year subscriptions to Corvette Fever that we're giving away exclusively on this episode! Listen to this CORVETTE TODAY podcast and win a subscription to Corvette Fever magazine!!!
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SGTMAJ USMC AUTO & TOY HAULER Joins MECF As A Featured Forum Vendor.

Welcome to SGTMAJ USMC USMC AUTO & TOY HAULER! We are so happy to have you now join us as a MECF Featured Forum Vendor. We can not wait to help your new business grow. We know you will provide a great transport service to our members and others!
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Z06 Potential Patents

As we get ready for the Z06’s debut sometime in the next year, IMO time to brush up on the 23 GM C8 patents — many of which are Z06 potentials: https://www.midenginecorvetteforum.c...alized-patents
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Vanity Plate Ideas

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  • Vanity Plate Ideas

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Name:	329DDDD0-47C4-4F85-AD9D-0E2745B76739.jpeg
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    I personally have never had a vanity plate, but, thought maybe for such a special ride!
    What would your choice be if you were so inclined?
    The one above from ConAir is not available in my state.......
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    Black over Sky Cool Gray.....2LT.....Z51.....FE4.....E60.....

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    I just reserved C8-VET in Missouri. C8VETT was already taken, next best one, only get 6 characters in MO for personal plates.....
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    Vette's owned: 99 Sebring Silver Convert - 10yrs, 2008 Crystal Red Convert,w/cam, longtubes and Vortech supercharger. C8 VIN 00336 built on 2/10/20 - Delivered 3/18/20 C8 Spec: Torch Red 2LT, Z51, FE4, E60, CF7, FA5, AH2, HUL, J6E, TU7, 3F9, Q8P, 5ZU, R8C


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      I'll get the ball rolling.

      V8-BEHND, MIDDL-8, IT-LIVS, W8TD-4IT, ????? To decode, V8 behind, Middle 8,It Lives and Waited For It. I know, they're a little lame.


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        I will post mine right after I secure it.


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          Even though I'll keep my C7....I'll move the plate to the C8. "THX ZORA"


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            My forum name.



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              My suggestion:



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                I'm keeping my current vanity tag....... Click image for larger version

Name:	Strake's GS.polished tips.jpg
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                3LT Coupe, Z51 Torch Red with two toned Red/black interior. 5VM visible CF ground effects, Carbon Flash wheels, engine appearance package and Carbon Fiber interior trim. Mag Ride control. Red Calipers. VQK Splash Guards. Carbon flash mirrors and spoiler.


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                  Click image for larger version

Name:	B0AE25A1-B66A-4C59-8E98-253569ABA17B.jpeg
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                  GBA Black; HTO Twilight/Tension interior; Z51 & Mag Ride; E60 lift; 5VM visible carbon fiber package; 5ZZ high wing; FA5 interior vis CF; ZZ3 engine appearance; 3LT; Q8T Spectra Gray Tridents; J6N Edge Red Calipers; SNG Edge Red Hashmarks; VQK Splash Guards; RCC Edge Red engine cover; VJR illuminated sill plates. Lifetime, annual contributors, and 23 year members of National Corvette Museum. Home is the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


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                    how about..... FRUNKD, FRUNKY
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                      Originally posted by John View Post
                      Click image for larger version

Name:	B0AE25A1-B66A-4C59-8E98-253569ABA17B.jpeg
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ID:	53358
                      Funny that degrees of separation thing. Your Warp Speed....Star Trek......the guy in the movie CONAIR that owned the Corvette, played in one of the Star Trek series....
                      Black over Sky Cool Gray.....2LT.....Z51.....FE4.....E60.....


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                        Click image for larger version

Name:	5FE58958-9CD2-4DEB-B321-80F9FBA76B6F.jpeg
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                        2020 Stingray Triple Blue Coupe “Cindyblue”
                        6000: status : R8C on August 5,2020 @10:00 🥳🍾
                        2020 C8 Stingray; 3LT ; GS7 Elkhart Lake Blue ; HTO Twilight/Tension interior; Z51;FE4 Mag Ride; C2Q dual roof ; FA5 interior vis CF; ZZ3 engine appearance; Q8T Spectra Gray Tridents; RCC; J6E yellow Calipers; VQK Splash Guards; EYK Chrome Exterior Badge package; R8C
                        2014 Stingray Laguna Blue : SOLD


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                          I reserved:

                          MID ENJ

                          in VA, I tried to get it on a plate that says “Slow Speed” but that was only for farm vehicles ! 😂


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                            Originally posted by lexterrae View Post
                            i reserved:

                            Mid enj

                            in va, i tried to get it on a plate that says “slow speed” but that was only for farm vehicles ! 😂
                            how about mid njn


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                              Have mine ready,

                              STOLN (Police Memorial Plates)

                              Any time you can get a car like this for under $100,000 you stole it.