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What Did Mark Reuss Mean

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  • What Did Mark Reuss Mean

    Mark Reuss said that he could not tell us about the C8, but he did say on April 23rd of this year, that say, “this is the end of the C7.”

    What exactly did Mark mean by that? Was it the proverbial slip of the tongue that he wished he now could take back, or did he just mean what Tadge said at the ZR1’s private LA reveal, held days before the LA Auto Show, when Tadge said, “this is the end of C7 development.

    Mark’s April 23rd comment, that this is the end of the C7, can be seen and heard on this video at 5:30.

    Thank you to “Dan Savage,” for while I had heard that video before, I had not focused on the differences between what Tadge earlier said and what Mark said on the video. Specifically, I just re-listened to this video 5:30+ time and Mark Reuss does not say exactly what Tadge said at the ZR1 reveal, that “this is the end of C7 development,” but instead Mark did say, “this is the end of the C7.”

    With Mark standing in front of a row of ZR1’s at its April 23rd press track day at Road Atlanta, his exact words were, “This is the car. This is the end of the C7. And we are very proud of the C8.”

    When I was at that ZR1 reveal, I heard Tadge say that this is the end for C7 development, I said to myself, that that makes sense for they are working on the ME, and they are not putting additional development dollars into the C7, but also thought, but the C7 will solder on for 2020 and 2021 (the C7 can not meet Federal model year NHTSA safety standards). So what Tadge said made total sense to me. Never thought anything about the C7 not continuing until the above video, and yes, listen to it for yourself, for Mark Reuss does say that “this is the end of the C7.”

    While slightly ambiguous, was Mark saying that there is no more C7 developments (what Tadge said) , or was he actually saying and meaning those exact words, meaning that we are not even going to see any C7’s after this model year?

    If the latter, that would be one massive sea change in the Corvette world. But for now, I am continuing to personally believe that we will see next year both the C7 and the ME, and again both for 2021.

    However, we did hear from Mark was what a little birdie told me a couple of months ago, that while some in the GM world are calling the ME, “Zerv, others calling it “ZORA, Mark did say that he can not tell us about the “C8.” That confirms that at least some within GM are calling the next Corvette the “C8.”

    Harlan, at the BASH said, “when we are done racing the C7.R, we will race the C8.R.”

    What do you think about C7’s continuing for 2020 and 2021?
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    Very interesting indeed, though personally, I would love to see only C8 production for 2020 onward, as it means more of them out there in the market. As well as easier times getting orders filled.


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      The ME is not going to be a limited edition model.
      Excited owners of a 2015 Z06. Lifetime, annual contributors, and 20 year members of NCM. Our 2020 ME C8 Corvette is next.


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        Oh I'm aware, but the more the merrier,


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          Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	7 Size:	132.1 KB ID:	5311 IF ME VETTE can be produced with normal inflation pricepoint and technology upgraded pricing, why bother with FE any longer? ME VETTE will surely be a much better 2 seat sportscar / supercar? My feeling is there will be a ton of Front Engines Vettes flooding the market for those who wish to purchase one, because many like myself do not have the extra garage space and will be selling Front Engine Corvettes to purchase the New ME VETTE , C8 , ZORA, Whatever they call it . I just sold a 2002 ZO6 garage queen with low miles to my next door neighbor, because they are unable to purchase a new one at this time. It will still have the Corvette Bloodline in my book, and I would much rather have better handling , technological wizardry and safety features. I almost said looks, but I do have one friend that refuses to even consider the new ME Vette. Hopefully whenI get mine I will be able to sway his thoughts. - Rick - PS Hopefully I can get a HT Convertible something like this!
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            I could be wrong, but I take his comment to mean this is last C7 variant. I.e. all the variants the C7 platform is going to have, are available.


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              John, do you need to now close the Polling question on what will GM call the ME based upon both Mark and Harlan using the C8 designation?
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                I thought of that but maybe when it is revealed, GM will name it a Zora, or a Manta Ray or something specific, so we will leave it open until then. Thanks.
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                  Given that he was standing in front of a bunch of ZR-1s, I think he was probably saying more or less the same thing as Tadge. The best selling variant of the C7 is the base Stingray 1LT. That says that a lot of Corvette buyers are price conscious. The ME is going to be more expensive than the C7. Eliminating the "entry level pricing" would have a significant impact on sales volume.

                  And we know for a fact that company that manufactures the body panels said, when they requested zoning permission to enlarge the plant, that they were going to need the extra capacity to make body panels for an all new car, while continuing to make the panels for the C7 for two more years. That doesn't mean GM can't change its collective mind, but certainly the plan was to make both cars side by side.
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                    The c7 generation mark the end of the front mid engine corvette.

                    the c8 will be rear mid engine.