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Lets play..what options do you think will go on early constraint at launch

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  • Lets play..what options do you think will go on early constraint at launch

    What options do you think will be on constraint at launch?

    also what options will be overly popular that gm didn't count on being as popular?

    same question to a degree...

    i think its going to be that e60 lift kit..

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    I would say allocation would be their biggest constraint

    But to answer the op's question, I think premium paint colors.
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    - Just when you think you can't dig your hole any deeper, they throw the shovel in at you -


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      Interesting I never thought the brand new paint shop would be the constraint...

      thanks for the insight...


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        I think John already mentioned that GM has put it in writing that rapid blue, a premium color, is an early constraint, so it lends credence to premium colors being a constraint.


        - Just when you think you can't dig your hole any deeper, they throw the shovel in at you -


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          Yes i tend to only consider mechanical or rather luxury options as constraint material.

          i never thought of colors as kahnmark mentioned...

          good catch...

          that rapid blue is clearly designed to attract Miami blue porsche buyers which seems to be quite the sought after color for 911s and boxsters..

          i saw the porsche in person in that similiar color and its a real wow...

          i think it takes a special person to choose that unique color yet when someone really does attract attention


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            I'm guessing you will wait for the front end lift, a lot going on there
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              Z51 will go on constraint early..


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                How are they going to deliver Z51 cars in the Winter? Bowling Green gets to below 20 Fahrenheit that time of year. The tires explicitly say that they can't be mounted or bear the weight of the car if the temps are below 20 F. Aren't these cars being transported on open trailer?

                What will people do with them if they get delivered in January or February and the tire warranty is voided?

                Do you think there is any possibility that every Z51 car will be delayed until spring? That can't possibly happen, right?


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                  Anything is make some interesting points.

                  did z51 c7 s only deliver in summer spring and fall?
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                    GM delivers tires year round in the US including ones with Z51 option. If on rare occurrence there is tire cracking upon dealer delivery, GM/Michelin immediately replace them.

                    There was a panic in the C7 community due to a rare winter week long 0-10 degree spell at the CSX railyard in Toledo, OH in January, 2014 — where many Corvettes heading west stayed in the railyard for a week before being reloaded onto train cars heading west. A few of them had tire cracking; again GM/Michelin stood up and replaced the tires.

                    There was alsoone severe case of four tires being cracked; that occurred in Canada at -20 degree (Farenheit), when a C7 was driven home, parked on ice, the hot tires melted into the ice, the water re-freezing around them, and doing severe cracking on all four tires. I will bet that picture was displayed on FB and two other forums 100 times — all with the theme the “sky is falling.”

                    Let us put the tire cracking issue into perspective. Mike Furman has delivered, over 5 years, 2,000 new C7’s; he told me several months ago that he had not had one single complaint from a customer of his due to that customer having a single cracked tire. Criswell is locate near Baltimore and they get some very cold winter temps most years.
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                      I really feel there will be minimal OR NO constraints on this car.At least something as major as the Z51 . GM has had almost 60 years since the first ME (1960) I think they want to get this right and have spent more thought into this Generation than any others. If there are constraints like Engine color options I would believe it may be due to see what the real interest is in these options prior to stocking. Also a constrain listed today may be based on what is in stock today and not when these cars are actually being built in December.


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                        I think paint color would be the earliest constraint we see, besides allocation. GM knows how many Z51s will get ordered so hopefully that’s not a show stopper.
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                          Gm should realize the red engine cover will be the most popular color chosen besides what color cover comes standard...

                          that bright red engine cover screams....exotic...unless gm has to get permission from ferrari to do the red engine cover through the glass...(im kidding)

                          as much as i admire gm and i really do..

                          never underestimate the foolish inventory choices large corporations can make...or how fickle the buying public can be.

                          i hope you are right Mr Zora 69...and there are no early shortages..but sometimes suppliers screwup production batches too...

                          six months from now we can all play a drinking game on this very subject.

                          GMs quality control is excellent as well so sometimes what you and I might consider acceptable...GM refuses because it doesn t meet their standards...

                          who ever suggests im being ridiculous should only know how many parts are rejected in the first year from suppliers.

                          that would be an interesting question if it weren't such a sensitive a topic for any manufacturer..
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