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Question on seats

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  • Question on seats

    I will be looking at Elkhart lake blue 2LT with sky cool gray seats. Can someone tell me is there any difference between the GT1 and GT2 seats besides style. Will they both look the same as what parts are gray and black. Not the style just the parts that will be gray. Hope I explained this correct.

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    The plastic seat back in gt2 is a shiney black finish where as in gt1 its more of a dull finish on the back of the seats..

    thats about what I can add to this discussion..from what I saw at kerbeck s last friday


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      Thank you. That is what I was looking for. Thanks again


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        Im holding myself back on ordering the more expensive seats in the lt2 option yet from a looks perspective (we didnt sit in them) the gt2 s looked higher quality ...sharper...

        the material difference that is gloss black as opposed to flat dull black or grey is the part that faces the engine compartment if that makes sense...

        you do see a little of that part of the seat as it does wrap probably half way around...

        of course the leather between the standard seat and the 2Lt gt2 seats seemed a bit nicer on the gt2 option.

        i dont believe the gt2 seats are standard with 2LT option. If aim not mistaken you need to order the 2LT to be able to order the gt2 seats but dont quote me on that...

        my thought process goes if you are going to get 2LT interior you might as well get the gt2 seats amd the E60 front end lift system

        a wise man at the kerbeck event the marketing team sets the packages to inch you forward..on and on for incremental add on sales with the option oackages and its true...

        something about mice hunting for cheese...onc you enter the maze of options , once you start its easy to keep going.

        im all for gm selling and producing as many well option c8 s as possible...

        its great for their bottom lime and the buyer never has to say shoulda coulda woulda


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          In order to get the suede inserts in the seats it seems you need the GT2 seats. And the GT 2 seats have different two-tone options not available in the GT1. All according to the visualizer, which may or may not be accurate at this point.

          But I think (for whatever that's worth) that the only real difference is styling, and the shape, cushioning and comfort of the actual seating surfaces will be the same for both.
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