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CORVETTE TODAY - Kevin Mackay Talks About The Cunningham Corvette & Bringing It Back To Life

In 1960, Briggs Cunningham took 3 Corvettes to France to race at Le Mans. After that race, the cars were brought back to the United States, put back to original and sold to consumers. The #3 car was recovered about put back to the way it was when it raced in 1960 at Le Mans and is owned by a private owner.; The car is owned by Bruce Meyers of the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. But what happened to the car? After a long legal battle, Kevin Mackay from Corvette Repair in Long Island, New York, has been putting this historic Corvette back to it's original 1960 livery for the past year (after it was purchased by Briggs Cunningham's family at auction). Kevin comes back on CORVETTE TODAY to tell the story of the Cunningham Corvette and to tell you when and where you can see this car...with its two siblings! If you love the history of Corvette and its racing past, DO NOT MISS this episode of CORVETTE TODAY.
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Corvette Brand Manager, Harlan Charles Talks Everything E-Ray

Corvette Marketing & Brand Manager, Harlan Charles returns to CORVETTE TODAY with your host, Steve Garrett, to talk about the new 2024 Corvette E-Ray. ; Harlan gives us an extensive overview is this revolutionary new Corvette and give us insight never heard before about the upcoming E-Ray.
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Corvette Today News & Headlines: Late January, 2023

With the announcement of the 2024 Corvette E-Ray, your CORVETTE TODAY host Steve Garrett, and Keith Cornett from CorvetteBlogger have a lot to tell you about !!!;
Plus, we get a possible glimpse into the Corvette future with Manny Katakis from Muscle Cars & Truck with what the C9 Corvette could look like. Besides the E-Ray, here are some of the other stories Steve and Keith will discuss....
1. Corvette beats the Porsche 911 as Consumer Reports most satisfying car to own.
2. GM delivers over 9,000 Corvettes in the 4th quarter of 2022
3. Corvette Racing debuts the GT3.R on January 27th at the Rolex 24
4. The Mecum Auction at Kissimmee sells the very first Corvette Sting Ray
5. The National Corvette Museum hosts exhibits to celebrate 70 years of Corvette
All the Corvette E-Ray news you want and need plus much more on next week's CORVETTE TODAY News & Headlines show!
Listen to the podcast, watch the YouTube video, join the Facebook group, sign up for email notifications and shop in the Merchandise Store at:
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2023 Corvette Info Including E-Ray, SR & Z06 Pricing, SR & Z06 Visualizers, 70th Anniversary Info, Press Releases for SR & Z06 & Their Build & Price, Order Guides & Visualizers

E-Ray Visualizer:
Official E-Ray Press Release: https://www.midenginecorvetteforum.c...-press-release
Official GM E-Ray Pictures: https://www.midenginecorvetteforum.c...and-visualizer
+ 25 KEY E-Ray Components/Factors:
E-Ray Leaked Info/Visualizer: https://www.midenginecorvetteforum.c...tte-e-ray-leak
Z51 & Z06 GM Track Specs: https://www.midenginecorvetteforum.c...ecommendations
Z06 Order Guide:
Z06 Pricing Spreadsheet: https://www.midenginecorvetteforum.c...9Chvp%E2%80%9D
Z06 MSRP and Options Pricing: https://www.midenginecorvetteforum.c...freight-charge
2023 SR Build & Price: https://www.midenginecorvetteforum.c...up-and-running
*2023 SR & Z06 Official Owners Manual:; and,
* 2023 GM Bash Major Seminar with HQ video: https://www.midenginecorvetteforum.c...ore-bash-video
*2023 Stingray Visualizer:
*2023 Stingray (ONLY Order Guide:
*70th Anniversary Combined Press Release For SR & Z06: https://www.midenginecorvetteforum.c...iversary-model
*Z06 Press Release: https://www.midenginecorvetteforum.c...-press-release
*Z06 Reveal Pictures: https://www.midenginecorvetteforum.c...eveal-pictures
*Z06 Visualizer:
Order Guide (unofficial): https://www.midenginecorvetteforum.c...-action-center
*Z06 vs Z07 Aero Components: https://www.midenginecorvetteforum.c...s-similarities
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Can someome explain the chassis design of the new c8? Six pieces bolted to backbone?

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  • Can someome explain the chassis design of the new c8? Six pieces bolted to backbone?

    If anyone understands the six piece chassis sub assemblies bolt to the backbone chassis please give their understanding of this platform.

    if Im understanding this chassis development and Im not sure I do...

    it sounds like six pieces of the chassis are brought into BG and the bolted to the backbone central tunnel.

    the tunnel itself precludes a manual transmission linkage etc yet delivers such great rigidity that the corvette engineers were able to utilize bolting process of the six other brought in to build the c8 platform.

    it is just my assumption but the testing of this design will allow gm to inexpensively use a similar design with the battery of its ev lineup to be the structural backbone of their other new all ev vehicles coming by 2022....

    i cant speak of the shaoe of the new ev battery pack yet somehow I feel the corvette c8 is the technological test bed for such a platform...

    hence the under sixty grand base price. The corvette has always been the low volume test bed for volume series designs utilizing exciting new technology.

    i believe the six piece and then central backbone platform will allow gm to vary wheelbase length through extension of the backbone portion of its future ev lineup and then add the six prefabbed to alter the size of the vehicle...

    almost an erector set type construction allowimg for massive plants building varying size platforms In one location depemding on consumer preferences at any moment in time.

    im totally giessing yet based off what we have heard so far with regards to the c8 s contribution to GM has allowed the c8:to be competively priced compared ti the more traditiomal front mid engine corvette c7....

    i believemits the experimentation aspect of the new chassis design ...

    c5 and c6 lead the way of hydrofirming steel side rails to deliver extremely high rigidity that also transferred to a degree innthe making of GM s very profitable truck line.

    the c8 moves from one piece per side hydroformed steel frame rails for excellent rigidity of the c5 and c6 to a central backbone design with six added bolted on sub assemblies for the completion of the c8 chassis and a 10 percent increase in rigidity to the c7...

    the c7 was a design unlike the c6 and c5:@;$ did in fact imorove in rogidity.

    the value from a sports car perspective to have a very rogid chassis it
    is it allows for orecise uet compliant suspension for both great performance and superior ride ..

    the gm truck line up truck and other body on frame cuv sduring the c5 and c6 production did offer superior chassis rigidity to its competitors ..

    i believe this time around the c8 leads a short run test execution before gm rolls out its upcoming onslaugh of 22 full ev s by 2022..

    find the bugs before rolling out its most important advance.

    interestingly enough tesla uses its battery pack pancake as a chassis rigidity member.

    with GM s expertise in mass production as well as battery technology. I believe the six piece sub assemblies for the c8 in addition tomits use of the central backbone member that the c8 is the test bed for what gm hopes will give it bith superior rigity and ease of various size products in the upcoming ev segment inclusive of various size cuvs.

    simplynalter the size ofmthemsix pieces and GM has a new sozed platformmto build upon...

    very different than the way most unit body vehicles are built sedans and sedan based cuvs.

    gm has for many years been a leader in chassis design. Although a totally different construction the cadillac ct6 when viewed internally was amazing lightweight and yet rigid.

    i do believe the expertise in the cadillac ct6 was too focused to just producing the ct6 model...once realized its profit limitation on a single model ...this new corvette platform with a wide ranging capability of expamding models of various size delivers an interesting oath to GM s future profit struction in the era of supposed ev domaince.

    i could be full of just shooting the breeze with you guys on some of the added value the c8 lends the corporationother than just c8 unit sales and per unit profitability..

    what say you?

    on track or full of it?

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    JB, you seem to be very well verse to this Chassis design. I do believe I did read or heard somewhere, of course I am getting overwhelmed with all the information on the C8 that some sticks and some gets distorted in my mind, THAT THESE SIX PIECES were initially going to be shopped out to a Vendor to build for GM and that for some reason GM decided to do the manufacturing of these pieces in house. Whether or not they are built in Bowling Green, I do not know that either. I guess I am not much help here and maybe no help at all. But a great question. I will be looking forward to reading the responses you receive.


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      the six largest castings that make up the main structure—castings that GM names the “Bedford Six” after the location where they’re built: Bedford, Indiana
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        I could be totally wrong yet I believe this will be a precursor to chassis development as GM rolls out its new generation of ev platforms.

        I believe part of the cost structure to design the c8 shares the development costs with the EV development team...

        part of the way gm is able to offer such an amazing value on the c8 consumers..

        i also believe cadillacs participation for the paint shop and other aspects of expanding bowling freen.

        wouldnt it be fascinating if with more segmented markets included ev models if gm carried over chassis development from corvette to what could amount to relatively low volume ev sales with multiple models thats in the early stages especially even the body material production process was copied along with the chassis.

        It failed I think at saturn and again in the gm minivans....

        yet if we look at the cost for steel and die costs for the chevy bolt or chevy bolt...

        maybe the early risk analysis might suggest c8 design chassis developments with either steel body panels or smc body panels might make sense jntil gm goes second gen knowing which body styles are the most popular...

        probably takes the concept of this thread too far...

        i think the chassis design extension to future ev s makes sense.

        i think the composite panel body material goes too far...

        bedford 777 and zora 69 thanks for indulging me with this discussion...

        i often find this type fo discussion quite fascinating as to how the corvette team is able to offer such great cutting edge technology at such a great price... and how and why the corvette team within a monolith organization is able to expand processes beyond traditional mindsets of the industry.

        i think thats one of the major benefits of corvette to gm beyond of course profit margins etc..