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Article... C8 causing issues for the competition

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  • Article... C8 causing issues for the competition

    I always enjoy reading things like this. There are LOTS of great cars these days but what GM has done with the C8 is really special IMO. Nothing new but a decent "feel good" piece for the C8

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    Nothing else on my radar even if someone gives me $50K. I priced a 2020 911, with its 443 HP and it’s 393 TQ, and while still leaving $10K in its options unchecked, I was over $175,000.
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      I have been saying since Chevrolet 's rumors started about the C8 and what would happen to competitors. And, GM not only delivered they delivered at a much lower price than expected. Yes, The Corvettes competition is in trouble. Especially Porsche. Either Porsche will have to drop the price on the Boxster /Cayman or stop building them. They are already down to only 6,000 units a year in the 718 chassis. They are losing money and will have to stop production if that falls to what is expected. Is Porsche heading to production of only their non sports cars as sports cars sales are diminishing.? Did Bob Lutz make a good Call when he said Corvette will be building SUVs in the future. ?? As popular as this C8 is going to be with the already established Corvette fans. Can it survive 5 years?? This is dependant on GMs anticipation of getting a new demographic audiance and the European and Asian markets. If that does not happen The C8 may and I said MAY no longer exist in 7 years. We may never see a C9.


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        Originally posted by ZORA 69 View Post
        If that does not happen The C8 may and I said MAY no longer exist in 7 years. We may never see a C9.

        Some of us, myself included, just hope that we exist in 7 years!πŸ˜€

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          Originally posted by George View Post

          Some of us, myself included, just hope that we exist in 7 years!πŸ˜€
          I have said that as well George,Once I get my C8 I don't care if GM builds a C9 how can it possibly be better? Maybe a slighly re design of the rear fascia?.


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            The car companies have been trying so hard to sell volume numbers of their priced 100/500K$ two seaters sports cars to the hoards of high income 20/30 year olds , that you wonder how they ever continued to loose market share and interest over the past 30 years. With no student loans in the way it should be a breeze. Cheap rent leaves plenty net disposable income for Vettes and Porches, to rest the Sunday Ferraris.