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  • Model names for the ME

    The ME is a completely new model, era for the Corvette. Do you folks think GM still use model names like Z06, Z51, Z07 etc?

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    That is a major question. A very good question. We saw those same model names during both the C6 and the C7 generations, but maybe GM is going to make as major a name change as they are by going to a mid engine configuration.

    Bottom line, while I have heard one internal source refer to what is coming in 2021 as “the Z06 version,” as the actual naming of the Stingray was not done until a few months before the C7’s reveal, we do not know if GM itself yet knows its full ME series nomenclature.
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      I've wondered about this as well. My guess is the naming conventions will depend in part on whether there will be a successor FE to the C7. If we have both the FE and the ME, then the latter may need its own set of designations.


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        Just the fact that GM “patented/copyrighted” the name Zora, leads me to believe there is a strong chance that it’s being considered.


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          For so,e reason i believe we will see new designations...

          i personally believe option packaging will be different as will option costs.

          i believe we will see even for the standard c8 a different level of standard equipment and an elevated price to a small degree..

          for some reason i dont believe the heavy duty cooling and handling package will be labelled z51...i just dont see it..

          grand sport i think could make the transition as its been widely recieved.

          i think the nameplate z06 will go on a short hiatus. GM will want to kove away from any possible rememberances of the sizing of the supercharger during track use issues. I think the z06 designation will come back but not as quickly as in previous generations,

          zora seems to be the popular nameplate considering 60 years ago this coming year is an iconic storyline with the original protector of the corvette brand...zora Duntov...

          that whole story will be played over an over ll be in every press release to all the major news outlets...

          we are going to bleed tjat multiple decade GM development of the rear mid engine corvette..

          we aee going to see so many articles on each of the various corvette rear mid engine concepts...the media coverage alone touting GM design and engineering will be so massive...any profits gm actually makes seling the new c8 will be gravy...

          thats how much good public relations of this new halo vehicle will give gm as a corporation and chevrolet as a brand...

          i bet GM has it calculated how many extra chevy blazer SS vehicles in red it will sell with the corvette c8 in the showroom next to it...