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CORVETTE TODAY #128-Learn About Spring Mountain From Lead Instructor, Rick Malone

This week's guest on CORVETTE TODAY was actually on the show in June of 2020...2-1/2 years ago! He's Rick Malone, the Lead Driving Instructor and Director of the Ron Fellows Corvette Performance Driving School at Spring Mountain.;
Rick is back on CORVETTE TODAY to update us on the C8 Owners Driver's School, what's going on at Spring Mountain, in general, and what you have to look forward to when you take their 2 day course. There is so much fun for you and your spouse when you attend their class. Don't miss this episode of CORVETTE TODAY with Rick Malone! Visit the CORVETTE TODAY website, listen to the show, watch the YouTube video, shop in the Merchandise Store, sign up for weekly emails and join the Facebook Group at:
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2023 Corvette Info Including SR Pricing, SR 2023 Visualizer, 70th Anniversary SR/Z06 Press Release; The C8 Z06 Press Release, Order Guide & Its Visualizer Link

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Here is when we think C8 will be available at deal lots

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  • Here is when we think C8 will be available at deal lots

    The 2020 C8 Corvette has been officially revealed, and so far it's quite impressive. One thing that hasn't been talked is when we can expect to see the car on the dealer lots. Well, let's talk about it.

    Production starts in december and we'll start seeing them on the local lots in January. For those of you out there who must have one as soon as you can get it, you could have an all new C8 Corvette as early as January 2020. It's a lot closer than I originally expected. I figured December production date and probably March or April delivery at the earliest.

    GM has mentioned they want to build as many of these cars as possible and get them out there as fast as possible and it seems they are going to be doing exactly that."

    Reference from Torque News Corvette reporter Justine Nohe.

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      My dealer here in Canada said not to expect C8's until end of March / early April. Just as well, we're still shoveling the last of the snow around then.


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        That is consistent with GM not even shipping cars to Canada during the approximate Nov.1 - April annual time frame.
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          Thank You midenginenc. This is something we are all talking about and thinking of. John has made good sense reasoning to those of us that have speculated earlier than reality arrivals at dealership cause we dream.


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            If I remember correctly in the USA john mentioned third week of January to the first or second week of fevruary for those with deposits down very early on.

            for those that didnt put deposits down until the reveal Im guessing march to June but you never know how GM is distributing the vehicles plus I believe this is one of the few times the corvette at launch will have a second shift which utilizes retrained UAW workers displaced from plants that were closed down as sedan sales gave way to more cuv sales...

            working at the bowling green facility is quite the honor for many GM workers...

            i expect high quality from the corvette and believe it will be delivered.


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              February sounds good because we will be at the Daytona 24 late January and stay until the C8 arrives in Atlanta. At least those are the plans. Got a #7 spot at a # top 20 dealership in Atlanta with 36 allocations for the first 3 months. My order is very simple ...1LT ,Z51 ,black trim how simple is that. Repeat of my 2013 order except manual back then. Fingers crossed that the C8R wins at it’s debut and pick up the C8 shortly afterwards. Just hope they don’t hold it in Nashville for QC like 2013. Then we stay in fla until it arrives and enjoy the beach I guess.
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                Originally posted by Klinn View Post
                My dealer here in Canada said not to expect C8's until end of March / early April. Just as well, we're still shoveling the last of the snow around then.
                I was told the same by my dealer, possibly going into even May. But I'm ok with that too, don't wanna be driving it home in snow/salt crusted roads.
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