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Corvette Today Podcast Latest Corvette News

Wow....there is so much Corvette news coming out right now.   Keith Cornett from joins your host, Steve Garrett to cover it all.  Check out some of the headlines below....
1.  GM Cancels June Allocation – 3000 status orders to be completed
2.  Chevrolet releases details and pricing on 2022 Corvette
3.  Chevrolet will offer a Corvette C8.R Special Edition for 2022
4.  2022 C8 Corvette Visualizer is now live
5.  Right-hand drive C8’s arrive in Japan and revealed at Fuji Speedway
6.  Ordering Opens in Australia and New Zealand
7.  GM still working out details for 2023 Racing Program
8.  Juan Pablo Montoya loves the Indy 500 pace car C8 Corvette!
9.  With C8 details out for 2022, the Z06 will most likely be a 2023 model
10.  Pre-owned Corvette pricing up 34% in the last year
...and there's lots more!  Don't miss this episode of CORVETTE TODAY.
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  • Apple CarPlay

    Anyone know if the C8 Apple CarPlay will be witless?

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    VERY interested to know this as well...but I believe you may want to add this to the "C8 Unanswered Questions thread" so that people know to ask this next chance they get to see the car in person at one of the "tour" stops.


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      Witless? I'm sure you meant wireless but that's funny.
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        Hopefully in a few months before we can even place our orders Mr. Google will be able to answer all our questions on the C8


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          So far it looks like only the Germans and Italians (FCA) support it or are working on it., but hopefully GM have quietly added it to their new digital vehicle platform for a surprise. Unfortunately they made no mention of it on the CT5, the only other car on the new digital platform so far.

          I found this article that discusses exactly what's required for wireless CarPlay. The Corvette C8 has all necessary hardware, but so do many other GM vehicles.