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Dimensions... something isn't jiving

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  • Dimensions... something isn't jiving

    Isn't the 2020 supposed to have more room? According to this chart, it's not so.

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    Agreed, for during the presentation, every GM person I talked with the hanger about the interior sizing, repeated what I had earlier heard, e.g., +1’ leg room, + 1” head room, equal cargo space to the C7 coupe.

    I can only add personal experiences notes from sitting in the car Thursday night, when I moved the seat all the way back, it went way, way back to the point I almost could not touch the pedals (I have a 30” inseam). Headroom also seemed more than in my C7 (though I did not adjust the seat up nor down). In short, the interior feels at least as roomy and spacious as in our C7, and then add in some more space on top of that.

    These measurement differences will be clarified later.
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      Very interesting question. My first response was : "I. Q. test? I quit, I give up, ABorC. What's the answer?" Then I drank my coffee and it looked different.

      Weight: the weight can easily be reduced to "- 3100 lbs". Remove and strip everything associated with Storage, Sound deadening , and comfort seats. That would also reduce the length by 6 to 8 inches.

      Width : Not sure what overall means except the widest part or points. The aero, the scoops and cooling stuff along the sides look like the widest point. That does not add any area to where the people will be seated. But it keeps things cool and flying down the road.

      Height : almost unchanged. Maybe less air in the tires.

      Leg Shoulder hip and cargo are less, according to the above.

      Old cargo in the C7 was a measure of a different kind of cargo- space. An open C7 cargo-space that spilled into the passenger compartment and cargo could spill into that the passenger area too in a sudden deceleration. The C8 cargo-space is a contained space(s). Clearly delineated and isolated by insulation materials.

      Shoulder and hip measures may have something to do with the seats, both, positioned closer to the midline spine of the car. maybe polar movement, center of gravity engineering going on. And the driver and passenger positioned with greater clearance from the car-sides for good reasons like crash protection and weight distribution. The car, i think is actually a little slimmer in the waist where the seats line up across-wise and that trims the hip availability. Need the trim waist to allow the exterior air flow into the exterior scoops i'd guess.
      Leg room 42.8 v 43.0: Hummmm? They must have measured that one inside the computer, and not inside a real car. Any two actual C8 cars might vary by .2 inches in that measure if it is measured by a human being using a yard stick.

      These measurements are probably the computations from the computerized design program. Probably be a different design program than the one they used to design the C7 some years ago.

      This is probably a better program that creates more real space that people can use.


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        Not sure what standards are used to measure these things. Is legroom measured with the seat as far back as it goes, or at the mid-point, or some other standard? Headroom with the seat at the lowest position, or highest? Without knowing how they measure, we really don't know what these numbers tell us.

        Height : almost unchanged. Maybe less air in the tires.
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          34 inch inseam here. Sounds like I'll actually be comfortable for once!


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            Though the cargo space is less in the C8 than the C7 it seems to be more practical in the Coupes. And from what I have seen the cargo space in the Convertibles will be much better in the C8s Convertibles. What is a deal killer , for me , on the Convertible is no engine window