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How About C8.R Clues Quickly Revealed In Last Night’s Livesteam

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  • How About C8.R Clues Quickly Revealed In Last Night’s Livesteam

    Might the C8.R do a few laps this weekend at LimeRock? More than a few are betting (I mean hoping) that that could well happen as soon as in the next day. Thank you Road & Track for pulling these screen prints from the livestream reveal. Well done. (That’s why I have subscribed to you for about 50 years.

    Originally posted by Road&Track
    This Is the New Corvette C8.R Race Car

    Chevy showed off the racing version of the new mid-engine Corvette, destined for Le Mans and more in 2020.
    JUL 19, 2019[IMG];0,0.0842xh&resi ze=480:*[/IMG]

    Tonight in Irvine, California, Chevrolet finally unveiled the production C8 Corvette, the next generation of the legendary American sports car that finally, after decades of anticipation, has gone mid-engine. In a surprise addition to the event, Chevy also unveiled the racing version of the all-new 'Vette. Here's your first glimpse at the Corvette C8.R, set to make its debut at the kickoff of the 2020 sports car racing season.
    [IMG];0,0.0380xh&resi ze=480:*[/IMG]

    Chevy didn't give any details on the C8.R—the car was only shown briefly during a video montage, and it was camouflaged, hence the somewhat low-quality images you see here. But this gives us confirmation that the C8 is going racing, and soon. And from what we can see, the racing version of Chevy's mid-engine supercar is gonna look totally badass.
    [IMG];0,0.109xh&resiz e=480:*[/IMG]
    [IMG];0,0.0163xh&resi ze=480:*[/IMG]
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    Looking forward to the Rolex 24 in up in Daytona this January.