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ME design themes

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  • ME design themes

    From the C8.R spy pics, it looks like the rear quarter window shape carries over a similar (or same?) angular design theme seen in the shape of the wraparound taillights (from the side view). I guess this would be quadrilateral, almost trapezoidal shape The large side intake seems to also follow this shape (maybe inverted). The air/heat exhausts and the actual exhaust tips on the rear and the front side intakes (based on the paint shop photo) also seem to be quadrilaterals. This appears to be one of the defining themes on the ME.

    In addition, the front and rear both seem to prominently feature hexagonal shapes: the larger middle intake on the lower front and the area surrounding the license plate.

    I always like it when designers carry a styling theme/cue across the entire car to make the individual areas of a car (like the front and rear) better come together visually as a whole.

    What other themes and cues do we see on the ME from the spy pics?
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    Thanks for starting the thread. Really good question you raised.

    Believe we will find one design theme echoing the earlier C3 trailing buttresses going rearward from the roof. We have seen this on many spy pics, and if confirmed, as so many of us love that look, we would be happy campers — as in:

    Click image for larger version

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    Picture thanks to SuperChevy.
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      ^ only the convertibles. Coupes will have sloping rear glass like C7


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        The trailing buttresses supposedly were bad fir aerodynamics.

        i dont care as it always looked cool back in the day.

        im tired after two decades almost of bubble glass roofs.