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CORVETTE TODAY #163 - Corvette News & Headlines, Late May 2023

Recognizing Memorial Day, there is still a lot of news coming out in the world of Corvette! Keith Cornett from CorvetteBlogger is back on the show with your CORVETTE TODAY host, Steve Garrett, to detail all the important things happening with America's Sports Car.;
Here are a few of the topics covered by Steve and Keith on this week's show:
1. Engineers are spotted in what we think is the C8 ZR1 prototype
2. We have two new E-Ray videos available
3. New Z06 allocations went out in the middle of this month (May 2023)
4. The National Corvette Museum names a new Marketing Director
5. Australia recalls the 2022 C8 Corvette for being too loud
6. Did GM's Instagram page give us a C9 Corvette preview?
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2023 Corvette Info Including E-Ray, SR & Z06 Pricing, SR & Z06 Visualizers, 70th Anniversary Info, Press Releases for SR & Z06 & Their Build & Price, Order Guides & Visualizers

2023 Corvette Brochure:
E-Ray Visualizer:
Official E-Ray Press Release: https://www.midenginecorvetteforum.c...-press-release
Official GM E-Ray Pictures: https://www.midenginecorvetteforum.c...and-visualizer
+ 25 KEY E-Ray Components/Factors:
E-Ray Leaked Info/Visualizer: https://www.midenginecorvetteforum.c...tte-e-ray-leak
Z51 & Z06 GM Track Specs: https://www.midenginecorvetteforum.c...ecommendations
Z06 Order Guide:
Z06 MSRP and Options Pricing: https://www.midenginecorvetteforum.c...freight-charge
2023 SR Build & Price: https://www.midenginecorvetteforum.c...up-and-running
*2023 SR & Z06 Official Owners Manual:; and,
* 2023 GM Bash Major Seminar with HQ video: https://www.midenginecorvetteforum.c...ore-bash-video
*2023 Stingray Visualizer:
*2023 Stingray (ONLY Order Guide:
*70th Anniversary Combined Press Release For SR & Z06: https://www.midenginecorvetteforum.c...iversary-model
*Z06 Press Release: https://www.midenginecorvetteforum.c...-press-release
*Z06 Reveal Pictures: https://www.midenginecorvetteforum.c...eveal-pictures
*Z06 Visualizer:
Order Guide (unofficial): https://www.midenginecorvetteforum.c...-action-center
*Z06 vs Z07 Aero Components: https://www.midenginecorvetteforum.c...s-similarities
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8-18 Z07 Finally Delivered

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    I love the red dipped interior


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      Congratulations! She is a beautiful car and tasteful yet bold choices. I can see where you got the inspiration from and my first impression when GM brought out the all red interior was that would be too much red. However, after seeing pics of your car, you have me changing my mind on that impression.


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        Congrats Kirk! She’s a beauty! I haven’t seen who built my engine yet as it’s a little tough with the HTC. But Shane built my ZR1 motor and it ran like a champ! After 500 mi things get really fun!
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          Congrats! Sweet BOLD color combo! Bold is best!
          I was on the CorvetteForum as SullyC5er.
          Previous Corvette was 2001 convertible with a C5R-427 engine built by Corvette Fever / Norris Motorsports, with upgraded suspension, rear, tranny, brakes, wheels, & R-compound tires.


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            I really like the red dipped interior with red stripes on a black car. Very nice!


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              Very nice and I’m as relieved as Kirk. He and I have been sharing the ups and downs of getting our cars built, QC and delivered. Now we are anxious for PDI and getting them home and enjoying them !!

              Kirk, car looks much better now than covered up on that transporter !!!

              great build and congrats on finally taking delivery !!!!


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                looks **** good. Congrats


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                  Love the car! Have fun!


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                    Originally posted by Kirkohio View Post
                    Hello to all, Well per John's recommendation I am starting a thread to display the delivery of my Z07. 8 months plus 6 days ago I was shocked by the phone call I received when my dealer explained that it was allocation go time and we had to quickly order my car. That was a wild day. I was not ready as you would expect. The details of options, Chevrolets website, and very limited media information hampered the decisions I quickly had to make. After a few shocking texts and calls during the morning hours laced within my workday meetings at my business I was told by my dealer to get my rear in gear and built this car. I was urged to order it asap so it could be quickly entered and acknowledged. My dealer while I was in meetings was vetting out all our suspicions that this was too darn good to be true. The sense of urgency was just that, act now on this mix up that a 5-10 unit per year Corvette dealer just got an allocation likely in error. We quickly all knew this and the race was on to get that order confirmation.

                    I parked myself in my office and pushed my work aside. I originally wanted a 70th but that was blocked from my choices. After tossing around body colors I circled back to my stingray color of black. My stingray is the batmobile look and as you know you can't go wrong there. I wanted to step out of that and have more punch. Punch to me is not what I see the world spec'ing cars today. The many C8 builds (and other exotics) I see are ordered with way more than a little punch these days. I would call them LOUD. So quickly built on the black to push myself to a build with some punch that reached towards loud but had a more timeless look. Over Corvettes 70 years to me one of the timeless punchy mixes is black and red. A friend of mine had one of the best 65-67 big block collections in the world when I was a teen. My favorite was his 67 427 black with red stripes. It burned into my teenage hard drive and I just think that that mix can cut glass. So back to the build I put the edge red stripes on the black. I obviously did all the Z07 options I was allocated and decided not to go with carbon wheels because at that time I thought that would be the Achilles of the supply chain. I thought those items would be trouble for BGA to keep in supply. Boy was I wrong on that. Now many people got those and I made a mistake by not clicking for those Moving to the interior here is the spot where I see the Corvette world go crazy. Some of the color combos I scratch my head but at the end of the day I don't have to look at it and drive it so to each their own. I loved the idea of dipped red with the stripes but I was worried the edge red would clash with the classic red leather. I think I got lucky when I was able to see it in person finally yesterday. The edge red stripe is not a true match to the edge red calipers that my stingray has. It's kind of a tweener to classic red. It meshes great with the interior red and taillights. I picked classic red calipers which at the time we placed this order edge red was big time constrained. I was concerned the edge red calipers would clash with the interior so I went classic red. I feel I got that right and don't regret.

                    So I can chime back in with other parts of the story and answer any questions you have. Some of you know way more than I do technically, i can help contribute with pics and details we cannot find in print and pics. The car is at the dealer getting finished up and I think I will bring it home on Wednesday. I live in the northeast Ohio Akron Canton area and if you are a true enthusiast and would like to see it sometime pm me and I can have you over. Keep in mind I am a busy business owner, dad, husband and farmer. I want to share this (not boastfully) and would never keep it hidden from the world. I really have loved MECF and thank you John for the hand holding and help you gave me and thanks for all you do with this wonderful community!

                    Lastly, two other asks. Please don't what I paid. In my initial thread I stated it would be fair and my dealer is a longtime generational family friend and standup person. I signed the deal on the car yesterday and was treated just as I thought, fairly! It was less than a million let's just call it at that. The other ask is don't ask if it is for sale. It is never ever for sale at ANY price.

                    I hope they can make one of these for everyone that wants one and soon! Keep the faith, as John said I won the lottery and I am grateful for that. I can't wait to drive it and push it hard to do what it was built to do!

                    Here are some pics from yesterday. It's so dirty from the top of the truck ride from BGA. I about vomited, but it will be cleaned up and prepped soon!

                    Click image for larger version

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                    NIce! And the Buckeyes won too!


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                      Congratulations Kirkohio !!! Good to see you FINALLY got your baby. Seems that GM is slowly getting some aero bits in so they can build some Z07s that are long overdue. Hopefully they will have a generous supply come model year 2024 so we can get caught up and join you!


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                        Looks incredible congrats


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                          Originally posted by Kirkohio View Post
                          Yesterday at dealer
                          Bold is an understatement. Not a big fan for the red interior but with the Red strips it looks right. Don't like the carbon against the black. Saw in in Ciocca Corvette showroom just looked off. like suite paints that don't quite match the jacket. I'm sure you love it. Hope you drive it.
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                            Love how the stripes pull the red through to the exterior and the stealth pulls the black in. what a beautiful vehicle and congrats!!! I am sure you have earned this moment in life and really appreciate you sharing it with all of us.


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                              Well we made muscle/supercar history today in Alliance Ohio. This a pic with my friend Bill Lavery. I can't say enough good about Bill and his team. Lavery Chevrolet is the best. Lavery Chevrolet In the past sold a 69 ZL1 and a few other rare big block cars that zoomed around Stark county Ohio. So chalk this up to another rare sale they had. Today was a special day for us to celebrate making new history, friendship, good business relations and the delivery of this beast. Click image for larger version

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                                Originally posted by MotorMouth View Post
                                Love how the stripes pull the red through to the exterior and the stealth pulls the black in. what a beautiful vehicle and congrats!!! I am sure you have earned this moment in life and really appreciate you sharing it with all of us.
                                Me too, almost to where I'm night consider a Black & Red one. Almost, I'll still go with a Red and Black..........................
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