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Am I being dissed by Chevrolet regarding C8 news?

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    Originally posted by jagamajajaran View Post
    I recommend checking your spam folder as well as any other folder that your email server could potentially send it to. For instance, I use gmail and most of the emails from Chevrolet go to the "Promotions" folder rather than my normal inbox.
    Lol I’ve checked everywhere, especially when I was wishing for an invite to the reveal.


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      I've gone the resigning-up route, nothing in my spam/junk mail folder, pretty much tried everything I could -- not that it's a big deal, but you'd just think that if Chevrolet has a site to sign up for updates and then doesn't send any updates someone or some computer there is dropping the ball big time. Not like it's going to make a difference whether or not I buy a C8 - I will if I like it -- but you'd think Chevy's marketeers would understand the raving lunacy that runs amock with Corvette fans. Nobody likes being ignored.


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        AirdaleC7, please wait until next Friday (the 19th), and you will get an in box visit from GM. As to whether GM’s communication program to date is what you or most would have wanted, we all know that it is not.

        Looking at one super positive, a massive change from how previous generations were rolled out, let us compare that in comparison to the C8 going to 125+ dealerships and I believe about 25 other places all between now and winter, that compares to the C7 being shared in a total of about 25 locations in the first year after its reveal.

        Secondly, GM is live-streaming the reveal to literally every continent — again in comparison to no livestream during the C7 reveal.

        I will personally be fine with no email communications (even though I signed up on day one), instead celebrating the two major enhancements starting a week from today.
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          John, I do understand your perspective, but still, asking people to sign up to get updates and information and then seemingly only sending said updates to select recipients is, in my way of looking at things, pretty second rate. And with regards to the live streaming - -seems to me like we prospective customers are low on their priority list being that it's not going to begin until after 11:00 pm on the east coast. Chevrolet's C8 marketing team isn't doing me any favors.


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            I signed up 3 times and nothing...Really poor marketing to diss current Corvette owners. I hope someone from GM reads this thread and makes changes as this was just plain dumb.
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              i just re-signed up and they had a pulldown of when i intend to buy, i said within a month.