Official 7.18.19 Livestream Reveal URL Site! Tustin Reveal Site Updates & Weather. Watch The Reveal on Your TV Using A Windows Laptop

7.18.19 Official Livestream URL Site:

7.18.19 Tustin Updates and Weather: https://www.midenginecorvetteforum.c...ather-forecast

Watch The Reveal On Your TV Using a Windows Laptop:
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GM’s Official Livestream Channel Announced In Press Release

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    Hey John, this probably doesn't need to be said, but when you're at the event, take lots of pictures to post up. Take some of the angles and details that we are all questioning right now. Get some nice interior shots and don't forget those paddle shifters. Engine shots, trunk shots.... you know the drill... Thanks!


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      Will do all possible. Keith Cornett/CorvetteBlogger and I have some ideas up our sleeves, including to get pictures posted asap, our team of jagamajajaran, ABorC and Brad66 to post nearly as fast as we can take them. The really good news is that all will be part of the 45 minute intro livestream (LS) and that at some point during the evening, maybe even during the LS, media.chevrolet will release roughly 50 official photographs. I am going to focus on the display boards and cutaways that GM typically has had at past reveals, Corvette corrals, and other major events — the ones that show component parts such as these I took at the the C7 Z06 reveal.

      We are expecting such similar displays at the C8 reveal, but of course this time there could be more digital and less physical presentations. Whatever happens, we will share asap!

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        Thanks for sending out all this info. Look forward to all your reveal pics. Nice job guys


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