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CORVETTE TODAY #128-Learn About Spring Mountain From Lead Instructor, Rick Malone

This week's guest on CORVETTE TODAY was actually on the show in June of 2020...2-1/2 years ago! He's Rick Malone, the Lead Driving Instructor and Director of the Ron Fellows Corvette Performance Driving School at Spring Mountain.;
Rick is back on CORVETTE TODAY to update us on the C8 Owners Driver's School, what's going on at Spring Mountain, in general, and what you have to look forward to when you take their 2 day course. There is so much fun for you and your spouse when you attend their class. Don't miss this episode of CORVETTE TODAY with Rick Malone! Visit the CORVETTE TODAY website, listen to the show, watch the YouTube video, shop in the Merchandise Store, sign up for weekly emails and join the Facebook Group at:
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2023 Corvette Info Including SR Pricing, SR 2023 Visualizer, 70th Anniversary SR/Z06 Press Release; The C8 Z06 Press Release, Order Guide & Its Visualizer Link

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C8 Corvette may get an Axura NSX Type R, Playmate. (both Made in U.S.A)

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  • C8 Corvette may get an Axura NSX Type R, Playmate. (both Made in U.S.A)

    ----------------- this is not the complete article --------------------

    Honda Could Unveil NSX Type R In Tokyo Before Year's End
    Honda could be on the verge of doing many car enthusiasts a proper solid by unveiling the Acura NSX Type R at the Tokyo Motor Show in October.That's according to a report from Forbes claiming that the Japanese company is looking to spring a surprise by adding Acura's high-performance Type R variant to the lineup.

    Claiming that a good few people have been waiting for this car for years would not be an exaggeration. It's been four years since the new-generation NSX was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show and, while there aren't many details to go on where the possibly incoming model is concerned, Forbes says it could be strapped with an engine that delivers 650 horsepower, as well as fittings inspired by the NSX-GT racer from Japan's Super GT series.
    There's no confirmation over whether or not the Type R will keep the Super Handling All-Wheel Drive. But if the track-focused NSX were to be stripped of its two front electric motors then the burden of making up the 650 hp would be left to the 47-hp e-motor attached to the crank and the 500-hp, 3.5-liter twin turbo V6.

    It only took four months after the NSX debuted in Detroit for talk of a Type R version of the car to surface. Australia's Motoring magazine claimed that Honda was manufacturing an NXS Type R back in 2015 that "could exceed 447 kw and land in showrooms by 2018". The piece was actually written by Peter Lyons, the same writer who just wrote this Forbes piece.

    Forbes is also reporting that the car could cost around $200,000, $43,000 more than reported when they predicted that an NSX Type R with 650 metric hp would debut this year.

    In any case, the Tokyo Auto Show will kick off on October 23rd, so we should know a great deal more then.

    ---------------- this is not the complete article -------------------- SheepDog

    Richboy Playmate wearing $200K sneakers !

    Question: Will this, if it happens, impact the C8 halo? Depends on information yet unknown.
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    The NSX R will never sell at those prices.


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      Originally posted by ZORA 69 View Post
      The NSX R will never sell at those prices.
      Sell like molasses, blackstrap molasses at 200K. For it to be a "surprise", the price must be affable. Not arrogant, snobbish and rude. $100,000 fully loaded no options and no trickery about option. That would be a surprise. It must sell at the C8 Z06 (anticipated) price to move some numbers.