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Rear Wheel Steering???????

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  • Rear Wheel Steering???????

    One thing I don't seem to recall being mentioned in all the C8 talk is Rear Wheel Steering. If weight really becomes an issue RWS might be a solution but Ive heard nothing. Nissan used it on the 300z.....Porsche is using it on the 911.....Lamborghini is using it on the Aventador. So it can definatly be done this would be the secret stealth weapon!!! Anyone think there is a chance this could be in the mix???

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    Absolutely not.


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      Yes it is a possibility for Z06+ models, for ZF has a very advanced system that “skank” shared with us almost a year ago, and one that integrates perfectly with other major system components they make. Here is our earlier thread that covers rear ZF’s integrated multiples of component systems such as rear wheel steering, special isolated body and motor mounts, its DCT, etc — which could well be found as a package in the ZR1 model.


      This thread specifically addresses the ZF rear wheel steering system that could be in the Z06 version wither alone:

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        Passive rear wheel steering can be set up in the geometry of the rear suspension without any extra cost.
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          It’s amazing how it seems to help stay on line. Watch the 911 test review videos. Only turns 3° ! If I remember correctly.