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C8 Specs: Questions, Confirmations & Impressions

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  • C8 Specs: Questions, Confirmations & Impressions

    I took the time last night to re-read every word in the Jalopnik leaked specs. This article is based on those specs — which are far from confirmed. If they are later found to be specious, one big “never mind” for this entire thread. However for those who wish to conjecture along, but who have not seen the Jalopnik leaked specs and want to read them first:


    Several things jumped out at me, though probably because in my when I first read them, I was reading at too fast a rate.

    The C8 is configured just like a C7 Stingray. The different groupings of options (at least from what we now know) look very similar; the actual opinion codes themselves are identical much of the time ; and, the sequential choices we again get to make are over 80% pure echoes over the choices made by everyone who ordered a C7 (and of course therefore somewhat similar to those who ordered a C6, etc).

    I believe we have only seen partial specs, that when we get the full package that there will be more options to choose, and thankfully much more clarification as to what options could be ordered with that option; or conversely what can not go be ordered with that; or, lastly which option is one is a sub-set of another option, needing not be ordered if that overriding option).

    There, again to at least me, some surprises. I am surprised that of all that we have yet seen, there are only two visible carbon fiber options, the dealer installed RZ9 “Grille Insert” and the C2Z “Roof Panel, Visible Carbon Fiber Removable.” Since GM found tons of ready, cash-in-hand, buyers for so many carbon fiber pieces for the C7, might this be a deliberate plan to hold off offering more visible CF until 2021+ models, or again are the specs very incomplete — for visible CF is a high margin product. Lacking more visible carbon fiber options is further confirmed, in that when one looks in the “Exterior Trim Finish” section, one only sees three options, e.g. body color, carbon flash (black metallic), and Dark Shadow Metallic (which I am assuming is Shadow Gray Metallic???). I was expected a visible carbon fiber trim option.

    What is option “RIK” all about ? It states that RIK is LPO available (meaning onlydealer installed). Its definition is, “Rear Badge, Painted Torch Red.” My first question is, where does this badge go? Secondly, is there a non-painted one standard, e.g., made instead in the nice chrome-plastic or carbon-flash black plastic found on the front and rear V (Victory emblems) Third question, is that rear badge also available in the other 11 exterior colors?

    Regarding front license plate bracket, option VK3, my assumption is that it is a similar removable one that we automatically get included, shipped, and charged for if the receiving dealership is located in a front plate required state? I am guessing so, but until Keith Cornett/CorvetteBlogger interviews Chief Exterior Designer Kirk Bennion at the C8’s reveal (as he excellently did, and video shared, during the actual C7’s reveal), those suppositions are IMO probable but not confirmed.

    Is option J6N, “Calipers: Edge Red,” a darker red to specifically match Long Beach Red (though if so it could go nicely with so many other colors)? GM did hear from more than a few LBR owners that the singular, bright red calipers offered for the C7 clashed poorly on a LBR car, so maybe Edge Red is specifically designed for LBR matching.

    What is option T0A, “Rear spoiler, Z51?” Is not there always a spoiler included in a Z51 package? Or, is this the much hoped for system where a Z51 comes with or without (we choose) spoiler, where if one wants one on their Z51 package, it must be additionally and separately ordered? Note: there was never a separately identified spoiler option code during the C7 generation for the Stingray model.

    As to the question I have seen posted many times, Z51 does not automatically come with MSRC; similarly as properly noted for us by meyerweb, it also did not automatically come for the C7, i.e., we see three different C8 suspension options.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	478E51D2-106F-442E-A863-F247B3112644.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	123.0 KB ID:	39910

    Re Z51’s having enhanced brakes or not, we have confirmation that better brakes are included within that option, e.g., we see option code J55 which is defined as, “Brake Package Z51,” and for sure the Z51 package is not going to have lesser brakes than the entry version.

    Re interior color combinations, we will later get much more clarification as to what parts of the interior are in which color; as one example we nowsee option codes, HZB, and HZN having the identical description of “Natural” dipped, GT2 seats. What’s the diff? BTW, it is believed but far from confirmed, that Natural is somewhat like Kalahari.

    With the exception of choosing black C7 interior, Kalahari was the only dipped interior color for the C7; a “dipped” interior was a totally one color interior — at least on the dash and some other areas, e.g., less black parts being present than on the red, gray, and brownstone had. Confused yet? Suffice to say, we have tons and tons of interior dash, seat and similar color choices we have yet to learn about for the C8.

    Speaking of seats, there were literally two options for the C7, either the standard GT seat or the optional Competition seat. Then for most, there were seat fabric and seat single-vs-dual colored seat options. Separately, we had comp seat options — though they too had those many other selections we needed to make. We similarly have both GT2 and Comp Seats on the C8’s specs.

    If one is wanting stripes on your C8, there appear to be three options. We have no clues as to what those stripes would look like other than GM described them as “Stripe Package Full length Racing.” We know what carbon flash black would color-wise look like, but what is the difference between a stripe package in “Sterling Silver” (option code DUB) versus the last stripe option package coming in “Midnight Silver (option code (DX0)? [GM, please in your official C8 pictures you release as part of the press release, show us at least one with a stripe package so we can see what they might look like as to their shape, coverage, etc.]

    Lastly, choices, choices and more choices seem to be available on the C8 versus the C7 as in the following examples:

    12 Exterior colors instead of the C7’s ten;

    6 Interior colors instead of 5 (with 20 seat color combinations/textures alone)

    6 Seatbelt colors instead of 2.25* (SO seats belts only available on the ZR1 with the Sebring Orange Design Package).

    If we are missing spec pages as we believe, there are going to be more choices for us to me. One overriding question to me is, will be see a first year “special edition” — as we saw both coupe and convertible special edition Premieres for the first year, 23014 Stingrays?

    Some many questions left to be answered.

    Excited owners of a 2015 Z06. Lifetime, annual contributors, and 20 year members of NCM. Our 2020 ME C8 Corvette is next.

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    Well done John. A lot of good points to think about when your turn comes to order the C8. All the more reason why it is so important to buy from a rep who knows the answers like the back of his hand. Thanks
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      When in my prior life I was the Exec Moderator of Stingrayforums, I interacted with so many nice people. It was literally sad when someone was lied to and told by their dealership that they had allocation when they did not, but for almost all in that circumstance, I was able to re-direct them to those dealers who had allocation. OR a much sadder situation was when a person become convinced by their dealership to order this option or to not order that one out of a salesperson’s combo of lack of knowledge, lack of allocation for a constrained option or worse — with the result was their getting a car without an option they wanted, or their paying for and getting an option they did not want.

      We will collectively figure out the entire options available, what is compatible or not with what other one, in short, learn and help each other.
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      Excited owners of a 2015 Z06. Lifetime, annual contributors, and 20 year members of NCM. Our 2020 ME C8 Corvette is next.


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        Will the c8 be labelled a stingray ?


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          It may but it shouldn't! New iteration, new moniker! An opportunity to put a new stamp on GM's business of sports cars while retaining the Corvette broader theme. It's a Zora, a Zora S and a Zora GT or some such potential designation. Go for it GM!!


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            Great point ltomn, for it is going to be a radically different Corvette!
            Excited owners of a 2015 Z06. Lifetime, annual contributors, and 20 year members of NCM. Our 2020 ME C8 Corvette is next.


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              Unless I had a total brain f—-t , I seem to remember the name “ Manta Ray” being mentioned somewhere. That would be a good base model name with ZORA S and ZORA GT for the increased horsepower models.


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                We've seen an interior spy shot showing the Stingray logo. Was that legit? Another effort by GM to mislead? We should know in a little over a month.

                But I think the car looks like a Stingray, in ways the C2, pre-plastic bumper C3s, and the C7 do, and the C5 and C6 don't. So I'm fine with them retaining that name.
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                  The name really doesn't matter to me, I just want a new C8 ... Click image for larger version

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                  A thought if I might ...


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                    You deserve and shall have one.
                    Excited owners of a 2015 Z06. Lifetime, annual contributors, and 20 year members of NCM. Our 2020 ME C8 Corvette is next.


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                      Thx for all the good info John. I'm going to have to go over the option list with a fine tooth comb. This will be the first car in a long time that I've actually ordered from new, most of my rides have been lot cars. It took months to find my C7, but I finally found exactly what I wanted. I'm thinking that a Z51 (whatever comes with that) + MSRC, NPP and Front lift at a minimum. With this being my DD, the more upgraded interior would also be on the list since I'm in it so often.